Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 2014

This post takes it way back to January for some pictures since JB just downloaded his whole album for the past 6 months or so!

Jackson is just the love of our lives. He's just over 2.5 years old but I round down to an even 2.5 until he becomes "almost 3" about when our baby is due, in September. Oh and speaking of baby, it's a GIRL and she will be named Rachel. We are in love and so is Jackson. We moved him out of the crib into a big boy bed on Memorial Day weekend and it went much better than we expected. He was enthralled by Lightning McQueen sheets (even though as my friend put it, they are 50 count and so uncomfortable)! Whatever it takes to convince him to sleep in the bed. We are making it without a guard rail and have placed a few pillows strategically on the floor to protect him from falls (2 small ones so far).  He does great with staying in bed but has recently shifted back to waking at 5am. Listen my sweet little child. I love you SO much but I like you less at 5am!  I'm in the process of searching for a good toddler sleep training book, but I don't know that I can convince him to sleep later if he got my early-to-rise genes. I have cursed myself! 

We love playing pretend and it has been amazing to see his imagination take off! We play firemen, zoom our cars around the racetrack in the living room and play forts and castles. He is much better at playing by himself and I will usually find him laying on the floor talking to himself with all of his toys in a line in front of him. Who knows what goes through that little brain of his but it sure is cute to watch. Favorite toys are still cars and now sporting equipment of all types (see below). 
This was a hard-to-get picture from Ellie's second birthday party, which was super fun! 
Many mornings are spent building forestations, firetruck garages and ramps. If we come downstairs at 5am, I try to keep him indoors until at least 6 out of respect for the neighbors. J is all about ambulances, police cars and firetrucks. I have accidentally taught him that firetrucks go one of two places. As he remarked the other day, "Two firetrucks!! One goes to the hospital! One goes to breakfast!" Well, what do you expect? It's pretty quiet around Norfolk most of the time (thank goodness) so we usually see firetrucks at De Egg, Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh. We have taught him that firemen and police officers are people to help him if he is in trouble. So, they are helpful people who like to eat breakfast! Daddy is also a helpful person, or maybe part of the mob. As J puts it, "Daddy puts boo-boos on people". Well, not quite. 
JB and I took a trip to Charlottesville for my PT state planning meeting. It's been such a treat to vacation at the Boars Head Inn for the past few years and we can't wait until next year! 
I really love spending time with Jackson. We still love the zoo, the botanical gardens and watching airplanes take off near the airport. We play ball and go on walks to explore. He continues to be our sensitive little guy and has started asking us, "Mommy, how was your nap? Daddy, how was work?" It's so amazing to see how our patterns of behavior, phrases and the way we love and care for each other are being mirrored in our child. It also makes us think about how easily we get angry and frustrated and to try and take a step back, breathe and pray when that happens. 
Happy birthday to Charlotte and Caroline! We celebrated at the park with pony rides, a petting zoo and delicious strawberry cupcakes. He thinks these girls are the bees knees (with Katie McNabb too). Again, we are grateful for our little 'compound'. 
J is all about sports now. He really has a great arm and it can be trouble if you are not looking when he throws something. He loves anything that can be used as a racquet, bubble wand, lacrosse sticks. JB is working on skill development with his soccer and lacrosse game, and surprisingly J is pretty good. He knows how to dribble the soccer ball and he can make a proper attempt to scoop the lacrosse ball up. I just love seeing my two boys having a blast together outside. 

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