Friday, January 24, 2014

Say Goodbye to the Paci

Hey everyone! Jackson here again. It's been a super fun January so I haven't had time to's an update of what we have been doing! 

In the biggest news of the year so far, I was a really brave boy and gave away my paci. Mom and dad told me that pacifiers are for babies, and we packed them up in a pink box and walked them down the street to baby Molly. I was really unhappy about this decision at the time, screaming, yelling and climbing up the table to grab them away from mom.  But when we got to Molly's house and I saw how happy she was to receive a present, I knew it was a nice thing to do. Since then, I have not mentioned them at all but I have found a new lovie...the blue truck blanket that Ms Bonnie sewed for me. It's super soft and cozy and I take it everywhere.  

Mom and dad had a really great time (or so they told me) at their annual New Year's eve party at the McNabbs house.  They ate sushi and played this really long and confusing game called Settlers.  I would probably be good at keeping score for people during the game. I used to count like this, "1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2".  Then, I started counting like this, "1, 2, 3, 4, 6!!" and now I just bypass all those silly numbers and count "1, 2, 11". It makes hide-and-seek go much faster when I don't have to say so many numbers.  

I love playing outside, especially when it is not too cold. Mom took me for a walk the other day just so I could splash in puddles...and our neighborhood has some really great puddles. I was SOAKING wet and had so much fun! I love to be outside and point things out, "I see plane in the sky", "there goes trash truck", "I see Monster truck (I call all trucks monster trucks".  I just think that life is much more entertaining when I narrate every moment. Plus, how would mom and dad know what was going on in the world around them if I wasn't there to tell them about all the cool things I am seeing! 

Mom and I love to have lots of adventures, like going to the zoo and the gym to play. My favorite thing right now is firetrucks and we see them all the time! I know the difference between an ambulance and a fire truck and can spot the truck with the ladder. The other day I was wearing my fireman hat and boots while we were grocery shopping and we found the firemen buying food for breakfast. They thought my boots were SO cool! I got to sit in their truck and they turned the lights on for me. When they drove off, another truck pulled up and I sat in that one too! Then, a third one came and it honked the horn for me. Mom and I were both scared but we also though it was pretty cool.  

We got to celebrate Ellie's 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. All of my favorite friends were there (well, minus Sofi, Eli and Jordan...I miss you cool kids). We all ran around, played with chalk and took funny pictures. I like to say cheese for pictures and give my craziest smile, but today I was overwhelmed by all the tall adults staring at us and taking millions of pictures. You people are strange.  I think Ellie is so much fun and I am glad she is my friend. My other friend is Lizzy Kay. Our moms are good friends and they like to hang out a lot so we see each other all the time. I love to give her hugs, play tickle time and eat meals together.  
 Here are a few things I love recently: 
Reading books about dinosaurs and construction trucks
Singing Jesus Loves Me
Trains: at church, the library, grandparent's houses
Building towers
Giving kisses
Talking to new people
Talking loudly!!!
School busses
Taking off my own jacket
Face time with Uncle Matt and my grandparents
Uncle Matt's dogs
Saying hi to Aunt Chase and my soon-to-be baby cousin
Praying before meals
Brushing my own teeth
Breakfast smoothies (I call it Smoothie Time!)
Snuggling with mom and dad

Here are a few things that I am not too keen on:
Getting my diapers changed ("NO CHANGE MY POOPY DIAPY!!!!")
Personal hygeine: when mom and dad brush my teeth, brush my hair, clean my ear, cut my nails
Eating dinner
Not getting my own way all the time 
Going running in the stroller

I am learning how to obey mom and dad and to follow what God says. It's really hard but I am trying really hard to do what is right and to obey, even when it's not fun and when I would rather have my way. I have an "Obedience Chart" and I get a sticker every time I obey mom and dad the first time they ask me to do something. I really like seeing all the stickers on my chart and knowing that they are proud of me. They are also proud of me because I have gone potty in the potty one time every day for a month!!! Mom bought me big boy underwear and I have worn them a few times but I'm not ready to commit. Diapers just give me so much more freedom to play! 

Dad has been working the evening and night shifts recently and it's really weird. He leaves for work when I am in bed and then comes home in the morning. It usually means that I get to eat second breakfast with him :) Dad likes to ask me, "What do I do for work". Silly dad....of course I know that his job is "Play Songs", "Eat dinner out", and "go to gym".  I think that he and mom have also been doing a Bachelor Bracket on Monday nights and dad is winning! I think dad is cool. He is THE BEST tickler ever and makes me giggle!! I am learning how to tickle him really well too so I can be just like him.  He also has this cool helicopter from Grandmom and he flies it all over the house while Lincoln and I laugh! 

Well, that's all for now. Off to have more adventures!