Thursday, September 10, 2015

J's first day of Preschool

Jackson set off for his first day of preschool! Last September we decided to wait another year to start school because I was due with Rachel on September 26th. However, come Thanksgiving time, we were all ready for school and we started him on December 2nd! He loved it and we decided to enroll him in the 5 day/week 3-4 class this year.
He's been excited about it for weeks, even more so when he realized that Ms. Becca, one of his Camp teachers was going to be his school teacher. There are 5 boys and 3 girls in the class and she has a great schedule lined up for them each week. I like that she is very structured but also open for deviating from the day's plan if the kids are really enjoying a certain activity that day. 
I'm glad that J will be stimulated there and also that Rachel and I will have some time by ourselves as well. I treasured that time I had with Jackson and am glad to have it with Rach this year as well.

This little girl started walking by herself yesterday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rachel's penultimate month (aka 11)

My handsome, sometimes nerdy, wordsmith husband loves using the word Penultimate as much as possible. I, being one who scored several hundred points lower than him on the verbal section of the SATs, had no clue what that word meant until we started binge watching many series on Netflix and he had ample opportunities to refer to the "Penultimate episode!". So, this is Rachel's penultimate month in her first year!
Each month of their first year and then every 6 months after that, I write our kids a note. In it, I tell them about what they are doing, their stats (height, weight, hair length, etc), what I love about them and what I pray for in their lives. I'll just share a little of the one I wrote for Rachel...
Rachel, you are so funny this month! 11 months looks good on you. You talk all the time and very loudly now, too. Your words are: dada, Jackson, Lincoln, doggie (Do-GEEEEEEE), Nak (Snack). I think I heard "Momma" yesterday too! You can sign "more" but you just prefer to shriek to get more food.  You also have cries of excitement for when you see Max, the cat, and when Lincoln barks. You sing to yourself and in the mornings I often find you orating to the wall next to your crib. This certainly is a change from your brother, "Silent J", as we dubbed him. 
 The first thing you look for in the morning is usually J or Link to come into your room. You love to dance and drum on things. You absolutely can't get enough of being tipped upside down and often throw yourself backwards. You can crawl up the stairs but prefer to sidestep up like a boss. In fact, you seem to have a radar for when the gate is open and do your fast crawl right for the stairs to climb up! 

Food - you love it, all of it. I weaned you fully on August 24th and you now drink whole milk from a cup and eat 3 meals and 2 snacks. You are better at biting things like crackers but I'm cautious with what I give you because you choke often (yes, mommy has done many finger sweeps on you in your short daredevil child). You got your top 2 middle teeth on August 20th and the 2 lateral to those on August 31st. You love to smack your lips when you eat and you learned how to grind your teeth this week. You click your tongue, love Pat-A Cake and have started to play peek-a-boo where you hide! 

 You love to give things away and when I say thank you, you hurl yourself into my lap and roll so you are looking up at me. I have no idea what you are doing but it's snuggly and cute. You are a fast crawler and will cruise with 1 hand around the whole house but you rarely let go. You can stand without anything to pull up on and have taken about 6 total independent steps. 

You love to play outside, eat mulch and sand, swing for a few minutes, go on walks/runs. Recently, you don't mind riding in the car. You wear dresses most of the time, hate bows and hats and will tolerate and even enjoy shoes.  Bedtime is slightly more flexible but mostly at 6pm after a bath and stories (you don't sit still, however). You sleep until 6:30am, nap 9-11:30 and 1-2:30 or 3. 
J is very rough with you and you take it all in stride, sustaining 2 noes injuries that barely phased you. There are no signs of separation anxiety yet. You get whiny when I am around and like to be held by me most of the time (less than Jackson, thankfully!), but I don't mind. Sometimes you will cuddle with me after a nap or before bed and it's the best time ever. You started giving hugs this week and it melts my heart.  

We pray that God will protect and grow you. That He will guide us as we parent you. That He will give you godly friends who will encourage you and build you up. We pray that your little light will shine to those around you! I love you. I love you. I love you. My precious blue-eyed, sweet, spunky, curious little one.