Thursday, December 22, 2011

The many hats of Jackson

At first, hats weren't really his thing and he would find every possible way to wiggle out of them.  However, he has really grown to enjoy them which makes our lives as parents very fun because he is so stinking cute in hats! 
 His first "hat", really a head stocking that he wore in the hospital. Luckily we had two of these because Lincoln proceeded to ingest one of them and puke it up at night...not re-wearable.
 Lovingly hand-knitted by Leya but his head was already too big for it. We kept it on him the when he was one day old for about 10 minutes before it popped off. Just enough for a good photo-op. We have also learned that we must photo every cut outfit in the first 5 minutes of him wearing it or else it's covered in some bodily fluid
 Hand-knit by Lisa's mom, who has taken me in for many family dinners when Jonathan is working. She made him a matching stroller blanket which is perfect for the 70 degree December we are having!
 His first Halloween hat
 Wa-hoo-wa! Even though we lost, he still looked good!
 Precious green hat with ears from Hannah, Ross and Ila. This is our new favorite hat and he wears it everywhere and gets so many compliments! Ila also gave him the little comes out to play when we are changing his diaper and kisses his naked belly!   He loves it!
 Yet another hand-made hat from one of Beth and Matt's neighbors. This Elf hat has a bell on it so we can tell when he starts to wake up :)  She made this big enough for him to wear next year (we hope!)
 Little Santa hat
 Big Santa hat
Jackson's first outing in his north face snowsuit from Katy at my work. She has a matching on in pink for her new baby (due any day!) and we are excited to get our two kids together. Who knows, another possible girlfriend? :)  
This hat is from Aunt Joyce and crew out in Colorado. We are hoping it gets much colder here so he can wear it more. It makes him look like a rock star with a pacifier

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sip N See

On December 10th, Grandmother Beth and Granddad Byrne hosted a fabulous Sip N See followed by a Gawk and Guzzle in honor of little Jackson, who was 7 weeks old.  Everything was perfect, from the homemade sailboat cookies to the M&M's with "JB" on them.  Jackson thoroughly enjoyed his first cocktail party and cookout and was exhausted by the end of the evening.  It's hard to be oohed and aahed over all day and to be held by so many adoring fans (who all washed their hands, thank you!)  

Homemade cookies
Being held by Grandmother Beth at the party
Passed out in Chic's arms after an exhausting day of fun!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a few good pictures

Jackson is growing up so quickly. We love dressing him up in new outfits (but we can't get attached to them because he spits up so much!), playing with him on the floor and watching his new facial expressions emerge. Last thursday he started to smile for me in the mornings and now he will smile for other people! He has very pleasant awake time where he can entertain himself for a little period of time. My left bicep breathes a sigh of relief!  He also started to have a somewhat regular bedtime at 7pm and is sleeping quietly in his crib for 2 hours at a time.  I know...not a long time you all might say, but for him to sleep quietly is a miracle! So, we are still not getting a ton of sleep around the Byrne household but Jackson is a happy, smily baby who is growing very well and is so loved!

 Love his yawns

 He slept next to me in the mini-pack-n-play at mom and dad's house.  The basement was pretty cold so I put him in a hat and gloves. I woke up and he was stuck to the velcro on the side of the crib!!
 This is why we don't swaddle him...Houdini!
 Lincoln has realized that the screaming creature might be fun to play with, or at least sniff, especially when he has something in his diaper.
 Sailor Jackson
 This is after one of his startle reflexes, but then he continues to sleep like this. It can't be comfortable! Reminds me of Thriller
Tummy time, 7 weeks. He is so alert now, so we get to enjoy his eyes more and more.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Travels

Jackson has been BUSY over the Thanksgiving holidays! He took his first long trips away from the home and he did a great job. We never knew that packing for a vacation, or even one night away, would require so much stuff. Whew. 
We are so thankful for Jackson this year. He is healthy, happy and we can't imagine our lives without him.  

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you".  1 Thess 5:17-18

Jackson has some play time with Grandmother Beth! He loves playing with her and being held by the Byrne grandparents.  They are also excellent at changing diapers, for which we are very grateful!  :)
The guys at our 3rd annual trip to Hatteras, NC after Thanksgiving.  Jackson is the only boy baby who is part of these trips. Looks like there will be many days of dolls and dress up in his future!
Jonathan and Jackson chill out on the couch for game day. Jonathan was cheering on Newcastle (soccer) and Jackson was getting very excited (as you can clearly tell from the picture) for the Tech vs. UVA game.
 Tummy time. Look at how much he can lift his head now! It's getting better every day!
This is Jackson's new buddy, Ilah Hanger, who was born in late May.  Jackson has many potential girlfriends to choose from in this group!
 Jonathan started another rotation in the ED in December and he began with a week of night shifts (11pm to 7am, plus time for paperwork). This is a pretty overwhelming rotation for both of us because I am alone at nights, we don't see each other and Jonathan has to sleep during the day, which is not as easy as you would imagine. So, Jackson and I packed up for a trip to Springfield to see Grandmom and Pop Pop. Thank goodness for help from grandparents! They were amazing; cooking, holding Jackson and playing with him when he was awake.
While we were up in Springfield we went to see Jackson's Great Nana and Great Grandpa McKay in Delaware. What an amazing chance for them to hold their first great grandson!  I loved watching my grandparents taken on a new role as greats.  We are hoping that Jackson also has a chance to meet Great Grammy Byrne soon as well (she lives in Mass which makes it a little more difficult, but we are trying!). Meanwhile, we keep her updated with lots of pictures of her quickly-growing greatgrandson.
Four generations of "McKays". Greatgrandpa, Greatnana, Pop Pop, mom and Jackson (exhausted from a long day of being loved by everyone!)