Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just a little boo going for a walk on the beach

September Vacation to Rodanthe

We had a chance to take a trip to Rodanthe in early September to relax as a family before our family gets bigger. Every day seems like two and we came back feeling refreshed and ready to start this new season.  Here are some highlights from the trip: 
Jackson learned to paddle board with JB

I took many walks down highway 12 and stumbled upon a rainbow
JB enjoyed waves from an off-shore storm

We spent many hours in the pool. J loves his float vest and can swim alone! 
As always, J and I enjoy some early morning cuddles before anyone else is awake
The Doziers joined us later in the week and the kiddos really enjoyed playing with each other! 

Avon Pier after dinner one evening, 38 weeks preggo

 Beth and Matt wanted to see Jackson when we got home so they took him for a sleepover later that week. Aren't they cute in their matching rain coats? 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

August Update

Hey there! August just seemed to fly by as we are sitting running around here getting ready for Rachel to come. Nesting has officially begun and it has taken the form of: 
ripping out all of the tomatoes from the garden and weeding like crazy; 
cleaning each vertical railing of the stair banister; 
organizing the laundry room, medicine cabinets, hall closets; 
purging maternity clothes from my wardrobe (I am SO ready to be back in my normal clothes and JB is tired of me raiding his tshirt bin); 
organizing and re-organizing J and R's clothing;
getting rid of anything and everything that I might not possibly be using any time soon and this also includes things that JB might not be using either :)

Things are progressing (I'll spare you all the details from the OB appts) but we still have no idea when she will come. We're just praying for God's good timing, again. Jackson came on his due date, which was perfect as I finished work two days prior and JB did his final shift and was home at 10pm on Friday, just in time for me to start laboring around 2am on Saturday.  This time, he has 9 days off beginning the day after she is due. So, whereas we would love her to come whenever she is ready, we really hope it's around the due date so we can take advantage of our time together as a family.  

And here is a little of what August looked like for us:

Jackson eats like a machine or a bird, depending on the day. Here he is polishing off an entire adult sized meal of 2 each: bacon, sausage, eggs and blueberry pancakes. Oh my. 
 He and grandad love doing puzzles together! 
 We made it out to three Tides games this year with free tickets for having a 529 college savings plan. We had great weather, enjoyed good ball-park food and Jackson really loved the baseball excitement! Since JB caught a ball during one game and I caught a shirt the next, he now expects us to catch something every time we go to a game. 
 August is the month of birthdays for JB (8th) and me (20th). We have adopted a new tradition of buying something for the home that we either need (sometimes you have to be practical!) or want (and sometimes you can just be fun!) instead of getting individual gifts for each other.  This year we treated each other to a fire pit and therefore are VERY excited about the arrival of fall!  JB did get me the great necklace seen in the picture just above, from Byrd Jewelry, with Jackson and Rachel's initials. 
We celebrated with our 4th or 5th annual Byrne and Ben Birthday Brats, Burgers and BBQ beach bash. This year, Reid brought his smoker and we smoked something like 35# of ribs and 10# of chicken, which was the perfect end to a perfect beach day. It's our favorite time of year, esp as the beach bash has transformed from 20 friends to 20 friends with 20 kids! :) 
 I decided to get crafty one more time before Rachel comes and made her this cute little bow holder for her already-huge collection of accessories. With the amount of heartburn I had this pregnancy and the plethora of bows, this girl better have some hair! I took a plain shadowbox and painted the inside grey and outside white and glued three ribbons on it. When the time comes, I'll attach some hooks on the inside to hold earrings or bracelets.  
 August marked the end of all-day play sessions with the neighborhood kids and this was one of the last evenings we got them all on the hammock. 
 I celebrated my final day of work on August 28th before maternity leave. I was able to take the whole month of September off which has been so good for me, Rachel and the family. I wanted to go into this labor and delivery with a more relaxed attitude and also feel that I was able to really nurture my family and stay healthy leading up to it.  
 The zoo is still our favorite attraction and this photo captures J's new face that he makes all.the.time. I hope it's a phase :) 
  Running has been out of the question since the 6th month mark due to some pretty severe SI joint pain, but I have taken up walking and let me tell you, it's HARD work! I would rather run a 1/2 marathon than walk 7 miles. But it's been so nice to get outside in the neighborhood, the boardwalk or on vacation in hatteras and to enjoy the fresh air, a decrease in ankle swelling and overall good feelings of healthy mom and healthy baby. This is 35 weeks at the Oceanfront. 
1 1/2 weeks until Rachel's due date!