Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Vacation to Rodanthe

We had a chance to take a trip to Rodanthe in early September to relax as a family before our family gets bigger. Every day seems like two and we came back feeling refreshed and ready to start this new season.  Here are some highlights from the trip: 
Jackson learned to paddle board with JB

I took many walks down highway 12 and stumbled upon a rainbow
JB enjoyed waves from an off-shore storm

We spent many hours in the pool. J loves his float vest and can swim alone! 
As always, J and I enjoy some early morning cuddles before anyone else is awake
The Doziers joined us later in the week and the kiddos really enjoyed playing with each other! 

Avon Pier after dinner one evening, 38 weeks preggo

 Beth and Matt wanted to see Jackson when we got home so they took him for a sleepover later that week. Aren't they cute in their matching rain coats? 

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