Monday, January 12, 2015

Rachel is 3 months old

Rachel is 3 months old! She is about 14 pounds and getting longer. She's grown out of many 3 month footie outfits and is wearing J's old PJs to bed. So every night we say goodnight to our little girl who is dressed like a boy :)  She has the most amazing smile and smiles with her eyes. She loves watching all of Jackson's antics and will follow Jonathan's voice around the room. Lincoln loves to lick her whole face and she seems to enjoy it. She loves to have books read to her and likes the bumbo more and more now. Our big eater still refuses a bottle, which leaves me tied to her for every-two-hour feedings.  But I am choosing to treasure this time as it's going to go by so quickly. 
 We had her follow-up with the vascular clinic. Her hemangiomas are possibly shrinking or at least not growing. They said that the window for the most rapid growth is 0-6 months and they are pleased that hers are not growing. Hopefully we'll be on the beta blocker for another 2 months and then can come off and let them reside on their own.  
 Rach still loves to sleep at night, usually 6:30pm to 5:30am. Occasionally she'll be super hungry at night if she hasn't eaten enough during the day and will wake for a midnight snack. During the day, she sleeps 45 min on average, eats and has a total awake time of 1 hour and 15 minutes before going back to sleep. Sometimes she sneaks in marathon naps of 3-4 hours, which are amazing for all of us! Her reflux and spitting up are dying down significantly, which has cut down on my laundry and her discomfort. 

J at 3 months
She has the most beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Rach cut her first tooth (!!!) on January 5th. Thankfully we barely noticed an increase in fussiness, so hopefully she will follow in her brother's footsteps and be a great teether.  She loves walks, listening to people sing and read books. She also adores watching TV :) 

That's all for now! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We enjoyed lots of family time as we celebrated the birth of Christ and all the joy that the Christmas season brings. We decorated a gingerbread house, saw the lights at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and enjoyed the beautiful decorations at church for the Advent season. This year we read Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, by Ann Voskamp.  It's a beautifully written Advent devotional for the whole family that traces the line of Christ. We bought a small tree from Target and hung up an ornament each day to make the Jesse Tree, or a tree that traces the family of Christ. We are looking forward to carrying on this tradition each year.  

Grandad and BB came over to take Jackson to the Charles Dickens Christmas event at Nauticus. There were a ton of trains and things to do (although it would have been more interesting if J knew the story of Scrooge). That weekend, we ended up watching A Christmas Story, the Mickey Mouse and Muppets versions.  We also watched Rudolph, which J just adored.  

We had grand plans to make sugar cookies, decorate them and watch a movie with Jackson once Rachel was in bed. I prepped the dough and got it all rolled out. We called J in to make some cookies and he wanted to stay on the couch. After much coaxing, he cut out one cookie and went back to the couch. He kept falling asleep during the movie and we finally realized he was probably sick. With a temp of 102/3, we dosed him up with meds and put him to bed. Poor little guy was sick for about a week with a fever and general yucky-feeling symptoms.  Thankfully, our Christmas plans were very low-key this year and he had a ton of time to rest and get healthy. 
Jackson has loved school so far (all 4 days of it prior to Christmas). He even participated in his school Christmas program and pretty much looked like this most of the time :) But he was an excellent handbell ringer. He said, "we are supposed to hold it like an ice cream cone!" Relate everything to food and he will participate very well. 

Rachel, our little elf
We had to skip Christmas eve service at church because Jackson was so sick. Instead, we went to see the lights at the Botanical Gardens (he feel asleep in the car on the way there at 5:15 and we had to wake him up but then he really enjoyed the lights).  The next morning, BB and Grandad came over for presents and brunch. We had a relaxed PJ morning and then a delicious Christmas dinner over at their house that afternoon.  

enjoying a new toy at the beach with grandad

painting a cover for Rachel's changing table