Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rachel 17 months

I haven't posted since Christmas so I really don't know where to begin. So we'll start with Rachel, now that she is 17 months (on March 1st).  Rachel, dear. You are our spunky blonde-headed beauty. You are so joyful and curious. You love so much of life and want to be involved in everything.
Your days begin between 6:30-7:30am and you wake up chattering to yourself in your crib. You are normally talking to the 5 stuffed animals in your bed. Your hair is everywhere, normally crusty with some snot...long-haired girl problems, that's for certain! When I come in, you systematically hand me your baby doll, blankets and all the animals in your crib. When my hands are sufficiently full, you ask to be picked up. We snuggle, change your diaper (that's not a fun process for either of us right now) and then go eat breakfast. 
Breakfast consists of a bagel thin with cream cheese, fruit, yogurt or oatmeal. You feel so-so about milk, either avoiding it completely or downing glass after glass during the day. You are getting quite proficient with utensils but I can't bring myself to try you consistently with a non-lid cup. You are much messier than Jackson, throwing your plates when you are done eating (but still with food on them) or just tossing food off your tray to Lincoln. You and Link have a great working relationship around meal time. 
Your favorite things in life right now are socks and shoes. From the moment you first wake up, you point at your shoes until i hand you the right pair and you carry them around all morning. You love to help put socks on and take them off during nap times. Your sparkly shoes are your favorites but since you've outgrown them you are now rocking some Pumas and grey Sauconys. Your typical outfit is a pair of leggings and a shirt with a light jacket and/or hat if needed. We average 2 outfits a day with how rough you play. Bows look super cute in your hair but they don't stay put in your silky blonde locks so we opt for the whale spout/fountain/pouf/mini-bun in the front. Your hair completely covers your neck in the back and is somewhat curly depending on the day. I think my straight-hair genes might win out...sadly! 
You still mostly enjoy the stroller on our run or walk to take Jackson to school. You'll drink your milk or play with your  music box. The best thing about dropping him off is Ms. Meg, the director of the preschool. She started in December and you two adore each other. You peer into her office when you get there and she swoops you up in a big hug and you two tell secrets to each other. It's precious. When you are not in her arms. you are giving your brother massive bear hugs on his way into the classroom. You hug with such fierceness that you usually throw him into a wall. You desperately want to go into his classroom, but you'll have to wait until you are 3 or 4 my dear. 
You and I normally hit the gym or play outside (not recently! Too cold!). When we get to the gym you run into the stay and play room without even looking back. You and Jackson are so different! Instead of wanting to be held the whole time (like you still do at church), you run right to the baby dolls and play happily. The car is your least favorite place to be. you are still rear-facing and I just like to think that you are bored or car sick (I know that is probably not possible for a 1.5 year old) because you are super unhappy even with books, toys, snacks, etc. You seem to enjoy the "Find a big truck!" game, like Jackson did around this age. Hopefully that can keep you entertained and peaceful. 
Lunches are whatever is in the house...sandwiches, veggies, fruit, beans, leftovers. You eat pretty well. 
Favorite foods: anything jackson is eating, fruits, yogurt, cottage cheese, sauces (A1 is your fav!), peas, peppers. Least favorite foods: cheese (surprising), deli meat, spinach. You still eat a lot and all the time and have developed a Byrne baby belly like J had. We're sure you'll lose that in time too but right now it's very cute, esp at bedtime when you are full from the day and your belly looks like it will pop!
Morning nap happens about 50% of the time depending on when you wake up. Sometimes you sleep happily for 2 hours and other times you yell and scream for a while before we get you. Speaking of totally have a stereotypical girl scream. It's not our favorite sound ever. Afternoon nap is pretty good, 1-2 hours starting at 1pm. You wake up yelling but you are very happy once you wake up and want a snack and play time.
Afternoon play time consists of: blowing bubbles, drawing (eating) with chalk, going to the library, going to the park, playing outside, wandering inside, coloring, doing play-dough, singing, dusting ( love to dust). We are all very much ready for winter to be over so we can really get outside more and run! But, all things considered we have faired very well in the winter. You get HANGRY (for all who don't know, that is angry because you are hungry) around 4:15 so we often have dinner at 4:30. A snack, even one with loads of protein, is not enough to tie you over. You want a full meal, a real plate of real food. It's a challenge to have a real dinner ready in the 4:00 hour but the crock pot has been my saving grace during this season. We do lots of burritos and the like. 
When I say it's time for bath you exclaim, "BAH" and run to the stairs. You love bath time! Your new favorite thing is to drink the water, either from a cup or straight out of the tub. It's pretty disgusting to watch and you are starting to realize that. You love splashing around with Jackson and don't mind being washed. We took you to the inside pool yesterday and it was a little too cold for you to love it as much as you love a nice warm bath but we think you'll adore the outdoor pool this summer and will be a real water baby. 
Your favorite books are: Goodnight Gorilla; Tickle Time (Sandra Boynton); Brown Bear Brown Bear; Where is Spot?
Favorite things to do: Tickle/be tickled; play hide-and-seek; play music; sit on the stairs and sing; be outside; eat chalk; play with play dough; drink from your (or anyone's) water bottle; eat snacks; put shoes on. 

New Words: You have words for many things. But recently you just talk/sing all the time in completely gibberish! You raise your arms and flap them around while you sing with lots of throaty gg sounds. You proudly exclaim, 'Bye DaDa!' whenever he leave for work. When you see me enter a room, you yell at the top of your lungs, "Mah!!!!!" and run to me. It's the best feeling ever (most of the time....). You cuddle a lot with dad and will sit there for books, snacks, relaxing time. You two play really well together. You are quite whiny for me, however, which is slightly draining at this point in time. You always want to be held and I know we need to break you of that but it's so hard. Hopefully I can find the strength to do that soon. 

Friends: You just can't get enough of Jackson, or "Da!" as you call him :) You want to be in his room, sitting on him, pounding his head and eating his food. You carry his backpack into school and want to play with all of his toys. At night, you run up to him and body slam him with a hug. It often ends in an injury for one/both of you but it's really cute to watch. We're watching you two negotiate the ins and outs of being siblings, wrestling, sharing, etc. He also thinks you are the greatest thing ever, honestly. He is a very gentle and kind big brother and I hope that you two actually like each other and stay friends as you get older. You love little babies, which is tough because you are also very aggressive with yow well you want to love other people. So, we usually have to keep you far away from any little child. 
You are growing up so fast, our little one. You are showing signs of readiness for potty training (yikes!) and we have gently started that. You throw things away in the trash. You wash your hands and put your dishes near the sink. You love getting dressed/undressed and brushing your teeth. You climb, run, roll, laugh, sing, explore. You love face timing your grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousin. You love figuring out how things work. You love watching older kids and trying to be part of the group. 
We love you little Nugget. We hope you always have a joy for life, a willingness to explore and an ability to be so easy-going. We hope you follow God's path for your life. We love you our happy one.