Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow day and trip to Springfield

It has been pretty darn cold here, as it has been for the rest of the country. We don't do very well in the cold but we are making it and eagerly anticipating Spring. I have had a few races (6 miles in 29 degrees; 9 miles in 40 degrees) at the Dismal Swamp but other than that, my running shoes are packed away for the sub 30 degree temps! It has been good to have some quiet time inside....doing devotionals, studying for Women's Bible Study, drinking tea, enjoying our winter-smelling candles...but really we are longing for days at the park, trips to the zoo and front yard shenanigans with our friends! 

oh to be this little 
In early January, we enjoyed a trip to Springfield to see Grandmom and Pop Pop. J got a kick out of playing with their trains and a princess castle (we can't hate on anything pink when it provides hours of entertainment). We ate ice cream with lots of sprinkles, visited the roosters and Penny the Pig and had lots of tickle time! From an early age, J has been into stacking and building and he continues to have that spacial brain. His new favorite toys are puzzles, real big kid puzzles! As a puzzle enthusiast myself, I am so excited to share the joy of puzzling for hours at the kitchen table on a rainy afternoon or while on vacation.  Poor Jonathan will just have to humor us and contribute a piece or two.  I have such fond memories of building forts when we were growing up that we started building them during all of our snow days this month. He's really more into, "Mom build it!" and then he destroys it....set on repeat all afternoon.

Who would have thought that we would get several snow days, two weeks in a row! The first week was several inches followed by 8-10 inches of snow, in Norfolk! Thankfully, we had a snow shovel and lots of winter gear to keep us warm! It took a ton of coaxing to get J out on the first day but once he was out there he had a great time. The next door neighbors made him into a snow angel, he ate snow and we romped around for about an hour before going in to enjoy some hot chocolate.  
The second snowfall was so pretty and we were lucky to enjoy a few quiet days as a family as JB did not have to work. We had a great family snowball fight that ended in what is now a laughable moment. JB threw a snowball at Jackson's belly but it took an unfortunate curve into his face. He was so stunned by the cold water in his eyes that he wouldn't open them for several minutes. I was trying not to panic, especially when I have the voice of reason/ER doctor standing right there telling me that it is all going to be ok, but it was scary! We snuggled on the couch watching Fireman Sam and he opened his eyes and said, "Daddy hit me with a snowball!!! That's silly!!" quickly turned into a laughable moment, thank goodness! :)

In other news, our mighty sleeper has started to boycott sleep. He is getting up at 5:15 (or earlier), yelling during all his naps and resisting bedtime. When we put him to bed, he is the king of book in the chair, read book in daddy's bed, brush teeth, need drink, go potty, rock me like a baby, blow my nose, cover me with blanket, need my turtle, give me kiss, give me hug, give me BIG hug, give me small hug, turn my light on, turn my light off, pillow in my crib, no pillow.....and the recent one, said to JB, "Put mommy in my room!". It all came to a head this week when he woke at 4:30am, did not nap and yelled for an hour before falling asleep past his bedtime. It's time to go back to cry it out, tough love. So, we read a story, rock him and sing songs, pray, give hugs and kisses and then leave and don't go in until 6am. It's been rough and his poor little throat is raw from all the screaming but this little kid needs his sleep, and so do we! Last night he yelled from 10:45pm until 4am. It was rough...but I think we are back on track today with a good nap and better bed time.  Pray for good sleep habits returning to the Byrne household soon!