Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Little Boo is 4

Dearest Jackson,
Happy 4th birthday to you. You are full of life and energy. Can you imagine we used to call you Silent J? Our days are full of chatter now. You are quite the conversationalist and have a memory like I have never seen before. You keep us on our toes with questions about little things like the names and ages of the Rescue Bots to bigger questions about death and heaven. 
Your days start around 6am (thank goodness it's not 4:30 or 5am anymore!). You hit the ground running, literally. I know you are awake when I hear a large THUD of your heels hitting the floor, you run to turn on your lights and start playing. We've resurrected the green light from the land of broken objects and we're back to staying in your room until 6am. The first thing you want to do each morning, and then every waking moment after that, is to play with friends. You love William, Luke and Katie, Sylvie and Iris, Charlotte and Caroline and Molly and they are all in very close proximity to our house. Now we just need to stop you from sneaking out of the house long before 7am to go knock on doors (sorry, friends). You have turned into a leader but you don't have too much of a bossy streak. If friends aren't available you will entertain yourself with your Rescue Bots and Ninja Turtles, making up stories of great adventures! Speaking of great adventures, your favorite stories in the Bible are the "bad ones". Hmmm...we'll have to clarify that later, but we know that you mean the ones like David and the giant, Goliath, and the crucifixion. At mealtimes, you were not very excited about praying by yourself so instead we go around and we each say something we are thankful for and all thank God for the food. You are usually thankful for the trees, sky and flowers, but occasionally you pray for something like safe travels for your friends or good health for someone who is sick. You also initiate prayers for Rachel when she hurts herself or is not feeling well. Sweet boy. 

Things you love:
School with Ms. Becca and your classmates
Running, scootering, climbing trees/anything
Playing make-believe with your action figures and cars
Bath time - floating
Being the first one to get Rachel out of her crib in the morning
Rescue Bots, OctoNauts and DinoTrux (Netflix)
Grandparents and friends
Phonics (finally!), basic addition/subtraction
Goodbye kisses/hugs

Things you could do without:
Veggies, all of them
Bath time - getting washed
Immediate obedience/listening to parents
your green light/staying in your room until 6am!
Fine motor: writing, drawing
Recognizing letters

We are so thankful to God that you are our son and that you are Rachel's big brother. We can't imagine our lives without you. Life must have been so quiet before you arrived! We love your sparkling blue eyes and long curly eyelashes. We love your brown hair and how are you are getting so tall. We love how you are strong but sensitive, a leader but also an observant follower. We love that you are learning integrity and repentance, forgiveness and love. We love you Jackson

And now some pictures of your sweet sister from your birthday party! 

Rachel and Pop Pop 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a blast celebrating Halloween this year! J loved helping carve the Jack-o-Lantern and then we went out trick-or-treating! Rachel was a force to be reckoned with, tagging along with everyone and getting a few shoulder rides from Grandad. She lasted almost an hour, getting no candy but having a blast showing off her walking skills in her fluffy bum cat costume.

J was officially one of the big kids this year, making it until almost 7:30, running from house to house, proclaiming what candy he got everywhere. He also impressed us with his Thank you skills. 

master carver
master pumpkin-gut remover

the compound kids

Luke and Jackson

dew rag spiderman ;)