Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jackson's Heartbeat

I hear Jackson's fast heartbeat with the doppler each time I go to the OB office (which is about to become every 2 weeks!), but I have read that you can also hear it with a stethoscope.  That means we could listen to Jackson every night! While Jonathan was on-call one night we decided to test it out...
Either that is a false rumor or we're just not that good. No heartbeat via stethoscope :(
Oh well, we'll just have to settle for Jackson kickboxing like crazy now!! He mostly kicks in the mornings and after I eat meals. The other night, he kicked for 30 minutes straight! I love it

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Belly

It's almost time to start the third trimester! I have been feeling that heavy fatigue that is characteristic of the first trimester, but I thought that was far behind me. Thus far, things have been pretty similar to mom's pregnancies and she said that she was super tired in the first and third. Guess I have a lot to look forward to! But, no nausea, no dreaded stretch marks, and no crazy disgusting cravings! All things considered, a very easy pregnancy. 
 We found a great rocker from Craigs List for a great deal! It's dark wood, white fabric with a green toile print which matches the room perfectly.  Here is my week 25 picture in the new rocker before we brought it upstairs into baby's room.
 Jonathan has a wide angle lens (no fat belly jokes!) and he wanted to get some shots of the Hague one night after work. He packed a great picnic and we enjoyed a brief reprieve from the hot temps in Norfolk and ate by the water. It turned into a pregnancy shoot now that I have enough belly to photograph!
Heather and baby Jackson at the Hague

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Run Baby Run!

Well, I thought that the CHKD 8K was going to be my last race in June, but somehow Team Hoyt just sucks me in, in a great way!!! I LOVE racing with this team to have a chance to race for those who are unable to run. Check out our local chapter website for some amazing pictures and to learn more about the mission:

Originally I was going to volunteer to help set up the chairs and boats and to do general crowd control but as I looked at the roster the night before, I realized they were very short for the Run Swim Run portion of the race.  So, I signed up for a 1K beach run, 1K ocean swim and 5K boardwalk run.

It was definitely a challenge, to say the least, especially since I was paired up with a 6min/mile runner and a Navy Seal! Come on! Are you kidding me! I managed to keep up on the beach run and to assist with getting our fabulous athlete rider, Bean, over the massive waves that were coming in and crashing all over the shore.
 1K Beach Run
 That doesn't even do justice to the height and intensity of some of the swell! 

At some point, I thought about joining him in the raft but I attempted to push through the swell.  Then, the seal took off pulling the raft and I waved goodbye to my original team, finishing up with one that was slightly more my speed. The boardwalk run was only 3 miles, but it's amazing how that feels so difficult after the previous 2 events (oh, and being 6.5 months pregnant too!).
My fabulous finishing team, including Rebecca, one of my favorite athlete riders!

What a way to start my 26th week of pregnancy! Hopefully Jackson will share our love of triathlon, soccer, the Lord and vacationing in fun foreign places! We'll have some great adventures to plan

Saturday, July 9, 2011

24 weeks = 6 months?

I have been doing the math so that each month is 4 point something weeks, which was making me about 5 1/3 months last week. However, my baby books all have a scale in which 4 weeks = 1 month, making me 6 months and 6 days! Fabulous. 6 months sounds way better than 5 1/3, until I realize that according to my scale I have 4 months to go instead of only 3 2/3. Oh well!

24 weeks; 6 months

It was at this point that I had friends who are pregnant (due next week!) all say, "I feel HUGE". I chuckled and thought that things were just going to get larger so they better get ready. Well, this week I have started to feel huge! I have trouble fitting into smaller spaces, I bump into things because I forget where I am and someone made a joke about me needing a desk with a cut out soon!  However, I can still see my toes and even fit into some pre-preggo pants. Whew!

Jackson (our official name in case we have forgotten to post that) is kicking like crazy lately, which I LOVE. Sometimes it makes me jump because it's so strong or out of nowhere. He is most active after meals and when I am sitting to perform a new evaluation on a patient. I'm sure his kicking makes for some great facial expressions on my part! I love lying in bed with my hand on my stomach and feeling his little appendages bang against my abs :) Nice to know we have a healthy, strong boy in there!

The biggest bummer about pregnancy so far (well, besides having to give up my gummy vitamins in favor of big gross tasting horse pills!) is that I cry all the time whether I am sad or not.  I have yet to cry at work or in a public place, but I have been on the verge many times. I cry during the news, not-so-sad episodes of Grey's Anatomy, while reading magazine or even while on a walk and thinking about my brother's wedding which is not for another year!  I suppose it's just part of the whole Pregnancy Package.