Saturday, July 9, 2011

24 weeks = 6 months?

I have been doing the math so that each month is 4 point something weeks, which was making me about 5 1/3 months last week. However, my baby books all have a scale in which 4 weeks = 1 month, making me 6 months and 6 days! Fabulous. 6 months sounds way better than 5 1/3, until I realize that according to my scale I have 4 months to go instead of only 3 2/3. Oh well!

24 weeks; 6 months

It was at this point that I had friends who are pregnant (due next week!) all say, "I feel HUGE". I chuckled and thought that things were just going to get larger so they better get ready. Well, this week I have started to feel huge! I have trouble fitting into smaller spaces, I bump into things because I forget where I am and someone made a joke about me needing a desk with a cut out soon!  However, I can still see my toes and even fit into some pre-preggo pants. Whew!

Jackson (our official name in case we have forgotten to post that) is kicking like crazy lately, which I LOVE. Sometimes it makes me jump because it's so strong or out of nowhere. He is most active after meals and when I am sitting to perform a new evaluation on a patient. I'm sure his kicking makes for some great facial expressions on my part! I love lying in bed with my hand on my stomach and feeling his little appendages bang against my abs :) Nice to know we have a healthy, strong boy in there!

The biggest bummer about pregnancy so far (well, besides having to give up my gummy vitamins in favor of big gross tasting horse pills!) is that I cry all the time whether I am sad or not.  I have yet to cry at work or in a public place, but I have been on the verge many times. I cry during the news, not-so-sad episodes of Grey's Anatomy, while reading magazine or even while on a walk and thinking about my brother's wedding which is not for another year!  I suppose it's just part of the whole Pregnancy Package.

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