Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Belly

It's almost time to start the third trimester! I have been feeling that heavy fatigue that is characteristic of the first trimester, but I thought that was far behind me. Thus far, things have been pretty similar to mom's pregnancies and she said that she was super tired in the first and third. Guess I have a lot to look forward to! But, no nausea, no dreaded stretch marks, and no crazy disgusting cravings! All things considered, a very easy pregnancy. 
 We found a great rocker from Craigs List for a great deal! It's dark wood, white fabric with a green toile print which matches the room perfectly.  Here is my week 25 picture in the new rocker before we brought it upstairs into baby's room.
 Jonathan has a wide angle lens (no fat belly jokes!) and he wanted to get some shots of the Hague one night after work. He packed a great picnic and we enjoyed a brief reprieve from the hot temps in Norfolk and ate by the water. It turned into a pregnancy shoot now that I have enough belly to photograph!
Heather and baby Jackson at the Hague

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