Sunday, July 17, 2011

Run Baby Run!

Well, I thought that the CHKD 8K was going to be my last race in June, but somehow Team Hoyt just sucks me in, in a great way!!! I LOVE racing with this team to have a chance to race for those who are unable to run. Check out our local chapter website for some amazing pictures and to learn more about the mission:

Originally I was going to volunteer to help set up the chairs and boats and to do general crowd control but as I looked at the roster the night before, I realized they were very short for the Run Swim Run portion of the race.  So, I signed up for a 1K beach run, 1K ocean swim and 5K boardwalk run.

It was definitely a challenge, to say the least, especially since I was paired up with a 6min/mile runner and a Navy Seal! Come on! Are you kidding me! I managed to keep up on the beach run and to assist with getting our fabulous athlete rider, Bean, over the massive waves that were coming in and crashing all over the shore.
 1K Beach Run
 That doesn't even do justice to the height and intensity of some of the swell! 

At some point, I thought about joining him in the raft but I attempted to push through the swell.  Then, the seal took off pulling the raft and I waved goodbye to my original team, finishing up with one that was slightly more my speed. The boardwalk run was only 3 miles, but it's amazing how that feels so difficult after the previous 2 events (oh, and being 6.5 months pregnant too!).
My fabulous finishing team, including Rebecca, one of my favorite athlete riders!

What a way to start my 26th week of pregnancy! Hopefully Jackson will share our love of triathlon, soccer, the Lord and vacationing in fun foreign places! We'll have some great adventures to plan

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