Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stay-Cation #2 and 3!

Thanks to my parents and their amazing time share, we got to enjoy two weeks at the beach in May. The first week was just the three of us on 16th street. The weekend started off with a girls' day at the beach with some of my favorite friends from church. We talked, laughed and got caught in a sudden downpour on the beach! After searching high and low for a place with no wait (it was Monster Truck weekend), we ended up at Rockfish for dinner and a homemade birthday cake to celebrate Erin's "29th" birthday! I love how we are all still in our 20's. Forever young.  

Mother's Day brought a day of rest for me. Ally and I enjoyed Chai Lattes at Starbucks and then I read on the beach for several hours, enjoying God's good creation and some peaceful time to myself. Jonathan and Jackson joined me later that evening and we had the rest of the week together! 
J won this cute shirt from Bitsy Boutique, via a giveaway on my friend's blog, Life with Pizzazz.   
During our stay-cation, we search for shells, spent hours at Grommet Island Park (a playground that is accessible for children with special needs!), went running on the boardwalk and ate lots of Dairy Queen. A rainy day allowed us to hit the aquarium without having to miss out on any sunshine! We also learned that J can get out of the pack n play and open door handles. We had a surprise visitor at 5:00 one morning!

Then we packed our things, JB dropped J off with my parents for their timeshare week, he headed home for a week of work and I headed to ODU to attend a PT conference for the weekend. J was so excited to visit with Grandmom, Pop Pop, Aunt Karen, Uncle Bob, Riley and Piper. When I arrived on Sunday night he was looking pretty sluggish and felt warm. Mom and dad said that he was out of sorts all day. A dose of Tylenol took his fever down but he had an awful night sleep and woke with Hand Foot and Mouth, round two. At least we knew that it would not be something to worry about, as long as he stayed hydrated and we kept his fever down. We were mostly concerned with the other two girls avoiding it! It took him all week to recover, as evidenced by a 'Jackson wake-up' on Tuesday morning at 12:30am....where he refused to go back to sleep! We watched Nemo twice, Disney and then tried to read some books before Grandmom took over for me at 5 so I could catch an hour nap before work. 

He ADORED Riley, who was so good about generously sharing her stuffed animals and cars. Aunt Karen was also generous and gave J his first big juice box and first package(s) of gummy snacks! I suppose that is what aunts are for :) But according to me, gummy snacks only exist at the beach when Aunt Karen buys them. Just like M&M yogurt only exists in stores near Grandmom and Pop Pop.  When they were driving away, Riley remarked, "I want to marry Jackson". Technically she is my cousin, but we still hate to break it to her that they are just going to have to settle for being best buds. 

Some of my dad's family made it for the second half of the week, including Grandpa and Aunt Janis and our local family, the Coles. It was great to visit with everyone and catch up on all the mother-of-the-bride wedding planning details and cheerleading happenings! 
J called them his friends, so sweet 
Our boy knows how to relax on the beach
Grommet Island
J loved spending time with Pop Pop and Greatgrandpa and was even outgoing enough to call GGPa by his name at the end of the week. He was running around playing hide and seek, taking baths with pop pop in the 'bubble tub' and eating lots and lots of goodies. 

Grandpa and the Coles 
Wednesday of this week was our big 22 week ultrasound where we confirmed that we have a healthy-looking baby girl! I am not one for big gender reveal surprises (who has the time! not this girl), but I swung by Plaza Bakery for some cute petit fours with pink icing to share our news.  
It was a great two weeks, but we were completely exhausted from all the fun and glad to be back at home! 

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