Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend, packed with fun!
First, we saw THE DUCK.  Not just the duck, THE DUCK. This is a famous piece of art which travels the world and unites people, brings peace and  harmony and just makes people laugh. It was in the Haugue for just over a week and attracted thousands of people, public entertainment, food trucks and picnic-goers, like us.  Despite J's face in this picture, he actually did enjoy it! He talks about seeing 'the big ducky' and asks when it will come back. 

 On Sunday we had a memorial Day picnic with the Speasmakers. Joel and Caroline were in town before their big move out to California.  We also got to meet their newest addition, Josh. Jackson and Max would be good buds, if only they lived closer and we could see them more often!
We hit the beach, of course! 
The boys played baseball, or more like Cricket as Jackson has interpreted it. 

Then JB and I celebrated 8 years together with dinner. JB made us dinner once when we were dating and ever since then, it's our special day tradition. He has an unlimited budget to buy whatever he wants but he has to do all the cooking :) 
Then, J and I took an impromptu trip to go strawberry picking at this great farm which is practically on the NC border. We picked pounds of strawberries, with him telling me, "Only the red ones, mommy. God keeps growing the green ones".  We played on the bounce house and pet some goats and pigs too! 

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