Saturday, June 7, 2014

Favorite Books, 2 1/2 years old

I don't remember a ton from growing up, but I do remember a few books. Mom and dad were generous and let me have some of them to fill Jackson's book shelf. Many of them have been looked over, tossed over and just plain ignored until recently.  Here are some my favorites turned J's favorites
 There's a Monster at the End of this Book. I mean, who doesn't love Grover and how 'interactive' this book is. Cousin Riley has it on her iPad which makes it truly interactive as you click away at the brick wall, etc.  But even in hard copy, J loves when we act scared and he is the brave one turning the pages.

Miss Nelson is Missing. A great story about rowdy kids and a teacher who teaches them a lesson when she comes back to school dressed as the evil Miss Viola Swamp! A great, funny mystery for little kids. 

Ten Apples Up On Top. This was not one of the books I read growing up but came in a group of books from Jamie and Jim McNabb and we read it several times before nap and bed.  It is really helping J to count objects as he points to them and he can usually get up to 4 reliably and 7 more recently.  Of course he loves the big crash at the end where all the apples fall (sorry if I spoiled it for anyone). 

The Clown Arounds. J loves the nutty adventure of a clown family and their sweepstakes entry to win the grand prize of a new clown car!!

Henry's Awful Mistake. This is the story of a sweet duck who cooks dinner for his friend, Clara. The dinner, and his house, are increasingly ruined as he chases an ant around his kitchen.  When his house floods and Henry is forced to move, he invites Clara over for dinner in his new home...and sees an ANT. He looks the other way. J loves finding the ant on each page and talking about Henry's silly antics. 
Wishing all of you happy reading!

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