Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Father's day, JB

I'm not good with really emotional words, which is why this blog has been somewhat easier to write than I though it would be. Keep it objective with pictures and thoughts of what we are doing lately. But on Father's day (or several days late), and really every day, I must say THANK YOU to the amazing father that JB is to our little Jackson and our soon-to-be Rachel. 
JB is a sacrificial father. He learned how to clean a bathroom during my first pregnancy to protect me from fumes. He got peed on (several times) during our newborn photo shoot. He sacrifices quality sleep even when he is on night rotations to allow J to be a kid (aka LOUD) around the house.  He shares his bacon and granola bars. He plays outside in the hot sun for hours with J, teaching him about soccer and just being silly. 
 He cares about our kids before they are even born. 
 Jonathan is thoughtful about how we want to raise Jackson, from discipline to activities to school. He prays for J all the time, which has to be the most important thing we can do for our children.  He also makes a great husband and father because he saves us from unnecessary trips to the doctor. It's nice to have a voice of reason saying, "It's ok. He'll be fine by morning, etc". Despite, or maybe in spite of, his extensive medical knowledge, he worries about little J, which is so sweet. He is such a protective, nurturing father. 
 He and J took killer naps together when he was younger. 
 He enjoys outings with us that would otherwise not be so fun for him, like strawberry picking, hours at the zoo and children's museum and the play area at the library. 
 We struck a deal early on in Jackson's life that I would do all the nursing and he would do all the diapers when he was home. That deal is still in place to this day (well, just the JB changing diaper part).  
J was 100% momma's boy for the first 2 years of his life, but, like this picture, he is looking up to Jonathan and you can tell that he wants to be just like him. I wouldn't mind having a Jonathan and a mini-Jonathan around :) 
Happy very belated Father's Day to the best dad! Jackson and I love you so much!  

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