Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He is Risen!

You can tell how behind I am on blogging as this is our post from Easter. It's been a busy two months of traveling! For Easter, we celebrated with a Nurture Mom's Ministry Spring Fling at the Trinity playground. We blew bubbles, decorated (and ate!) cookies and learned the Jesus story for the holiday. The kids all made a set of Resurrection Eggs (see below), which were a perfect take-home for us to use on Easter morning. 

We had some friends over on the rainy Saturday before Easter to have an in-house egg hunt. Evan, Lizzy Kay and Jackson ran around grabbing eggs, eating goldfish and having a grand old time! 
On Easter morning, we hid some eggs for Jackson to find. 12 of the eggs were our Resurrection Eggs, which told the Easter story. For example, one has a thorn in it for the crown of thorns, one has a dice for when the soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothing, one has a rock for the stone that was rolled in front of the tomb and the last one is empty because Jesus lives! We wanted to be able to balance the fun of hunting for eggs but also to focus on the meaning of this special holiday and we feel that this way has allowed us to do just that. Once he found all the eggs, we opened the 12 to learn the Easter story and then we did the goldfish/chocolate eggs after church. 

We headed out to BB and Grandad's house following church for a delicious brunch with extended 'family' and for an outside egg hunt. This kid is getting really great at finding eggs in all sorts of places. For weeks following this search, he continued to check those bushes to see if there were surprises lurking inside! 

He is Risen! Christ is Risen indeed!! 

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