Tuesday, July 3, 2012

8 months photo shoot

As a PT, I am always tracking Jackson's milestones to the day. On one hand I can tell myself, "Every kid is different. They progress at their own rate", but on the other hand I know exactly when he 'should' be doing something.  I was waiting for him to start crawling because I thought it would be the cutest thing ever. Mom and Aunt Karen said, "just you wait!" Well, yes, we are completely exhausted but it's incredibly fun to have him crawl. It was the most incredible feeling when he smiled at me for the first time and now he can crawl to me because he wants me! He crawls over and then climbs up my legs and reaches up as if to say, "pick me up; hug me". I love it (although my arms are very tired).

This was a difficult week for us because we were without AC on the upstairs floor. It meant three nights at the Byrnes, two nights at the Mazzios and one night on an air mattress in the living room. Poor  Jackson was pretty much sweaty all week between our runs, getting diaper changes in 95 heat upstairs and then crawling like a mad man all over the (downstairs = ac working) house.  We attempted a photo shoot yesterday since it was the first time Jonathan and I were together in a week (booooo night shifts). It went something like this...


With crawling comes new toys all around the house! His new favorite is Lincoln's bowl. Gross. TIme to re-arrange the house.

Jonathan's Aunt Dwyn and Uncle Kenny came into town last week from Massachusetts and we are always so glad to see them!  Last year I was pregnant and this year they got to meet an 8 month old Jackson. She has been one of his biggest fans (her daughter; cute onesie) and she got him the cutest book ever, TIckle Monster. Jackson is so full of giggles now and loves to be tickled.

How can you say no to those eyes? I am in trouble.


  1. he is such a cutie. wow. and while i'm very happy for you that he's crawling... please make sure he doesn't give sofi any ideas ;)

  2. Hehe I will try but I have a feeling sofi is not far behind!! Kids on the move. It's crazy that hey were just little immobile bundles of squishy baby :)