Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 months old!

Hey everyone, Jackson here again giving you an update on my 8 month 'birthday'.  I can't believe that I am growing up so quickly. Some days my parents can't keep up with me. It's so amazing to be a baby because every day is completely different. On Tuesday, all I could do was sit and roll but on Wednesday I learned how to crawl!  I am super busy now, crawling all over the house and trying to eat clumps of dog hair that Lincoln is so nice to leave for me.  Wednesday was a very busy day because I also started to pull up in my crib. Most of the time I forget that I must hold on in order to stay standing, so I hit my head on the crib over and over again during nap time.

I LOVE eating solid food and really enjoy cheerios, which mom gave me on Wednesday (whew, that was a busy day!). She said that her mom cut cheerios into quarters (wow, grandmom is really nice!) but mom only cut mine in half.  I managed to get about 10% of them in my mouth and the rest of the soggy cheerios ended up down my onesie, in the bumbo or on the floor for Lincoln.  Black beans are fun to eat, cheese kinda makes me throw up and blueberries aren't that great. 
Dad took me to see mom run in another race last weekend, the CHKD 8k Run/Walk for the kids. CHKD is such a good hospital in the area and some of my friends have received care there. Mom ran with her friend Mike and two friends from Team Hoyt VB.  
Start of the race
Crossing the finish line with Hamda, Mike and Bean.

I also love to make my parents laugh with my expressions, like the new fishy face that I can make.  Right now I have straight hair in the front like mom and curly hair in the back like dad. It's turning a reddish color on its way from brown to blonde. Who knows what I will look like in a few months? I'm a whopping 20 pounds so I'm helping my parents get a good arm workout each day while playing with me.  Well, that's all for now! All this writing and playing at the beach with dad makes me tired. Time for bed!

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