Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

Jonathan is an amazing dad. From the first day we found out we were going to be parents, he has been so supportive and excited about raising a child together. 

Neither of us has any clue what we are doing but Jonathan is there right beside me, usually helping me to laugh and see the humor in situations!  He dove right in at the hospital, changing diapers and putting J in his going home outfit. Jonathan has really grown into his new role as Dad and I have loved to watch that change. He has an amazing way with Jackson, soothing him with song and his strong, confident arms.  He changed every diaper for the first three months, allowing me a few extra minutes before each feeding session.  He walks with J and rocks him at night when he is fussy.  He learned how to swaddle even though J wasn't into it.  He has become an excellent runner, maneuvering around Larchmont with the jogger and Lincoln.
 I am so grateful for Jonathan, my husband and also the father of Jackson.  I am proud of him an what a great father he is. Happy Father's Day, Jonathan! We all love you.

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