Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jackson's adventures

Jackson took his first flights to make it to Arkansas last weekend. We were very nervous going into the trip since we didn't want to be "those people" with the screaming baby. Our seat mate on the way there was annoyed with us, but we were blessed by having very friendly parents and grandparents on the subsequent flights.  Jackson was a great traveler, with no ear problems and minimal fussiness while in the air. He hammed it up for people around him, charming most people on the flights, thank goodness! I was so grateful to have Jonathan and can't imagine doing this by myself (high five to all of you military wives and those who have flown solo!)

Jackson has gotten super active recently and we think he is going to crawl any day now (watch out!). He has a huge personality and we grow more in love with him each day.  At his recent doctors appointment, we learned he is 19.5 lbs (approx 65%), 28 inches (65%) with a relatively average head now too. Thank goodness our large and in charge boy is now back into the average! He loves to kiss us, sit up in bed occasionally (we had to lower the crib this week), eat my hair, listen to daddy sing, and roll all across the floor.  

Who needs a toy when you have a tag?
this it
second day in the pool, in little rock
loves mommy's jewelrey
Our friend picked us up from the airport. He and his wife have twin girls who ride in forward facing carseats. We figured it was easier to load him into one of these rather than strapping out carseat into the car. He LOVED it and has hated his rear-facing seat every day since then....bummer for us.

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