Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water Baby

Many thanks to grandparents and our babysitter, Amber for helping us to be very relaxed parents going into Jackson's 9th month!  Amber gave us a gift of free babysitting last week and we went to a beer tasting at Waterside in Norfolk. We enjoyed some of our favorites from O'Conners Brewery (made here in Norfolk!) while sitting by the water and in big comfy chairs on a cooler (high 80's) night. On the 21st, we enjoyed a night out with two couples from Jonathan's residency, AJ and Laura and Jonathan and Amber. With two babies, one pregnancy and crazy work schedules we amazingly managed to find a night to catch up over a flaming stove at Geisha, a hibachi restaurant in Chesapeake.  It was a great time, full of flying shrimp, funny jokes and good company.

We are also very grateful that the Byrne grandparents live so close because Jackson gets so much quality time with them while we to run errands, go to the beach and just enjoy some quiet time. Jackson loves to explore their house, which is being baby proofed a little more each day as he discovers new breakable treasures scattered about.  He just loves both of them and really lights up when he goes over there. 

At first, Jackson wasn't so sure about water, in the bath, pool or ocean. However, we kept exposing him to bodies of water and have now raised a little water baby! He loves the bath: eating the duckies' heads, splashing and trying to grab water pouring out of a cup. It's also a great way to pass the time during the fussy evening hours when he misses his third nap. Bath time keeps us on our toes as he now wants to stand up in the tub and bounce around.

Beth and Matt gave us a baby pool for Lincoln last year and we never used it because we weren't too keen on having a wet dog in our new house.  However, Jackson loves this pool and I love his naked butt :)  Cute wrinkled tushy. As Beth pointed out, this picture will be making an appearance later in his life....rehearsal dinner.

Our church has started a new ministry group for moms of all ages. We have panel discussions on kids, marriage, loving God, etc. We also take great trips to the zoo and botanical gardens! Jackson and I enjoyed a morning with Val and Luke (12 months). Val is a good friend from PT school. Our husbands know each other from way back; Jonathan took swim lessons from Tim's mother. Val got me through PT school with late night study sessions, working on anatomy while walking around the neighborhood and praying together when we had tough family things going on.  It has been fun to see her grow as a mom and to get to know her incredibly sweet boy, Luke. I am so grateful for her friendship (and for Jackson to have another boy in his life!!! Kristy, we miss you and Eli!!)

In the fountain at the Botanical Gardens

Jackson and me at the beach

And finally, Jackson's new favorite game...pull the books off of the shelf. We think that reading is important and we try to read to Jackson very often, but we rarely make it through an entire book, even if we read at super speed and skip pages. He wants to touch or eat the book, dive off of the chair or just start pulling each book off the shelf one at a time.

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