Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th of July

We had quite a fun-filled 4th of July week!  Since we were still without AC, we spent the pre-4th of July weekend at the beach, enjoying the cooler temps by the ocean...meaning it was 100 in Norfolk and only 90 at the beach! Jackson and I enjoyed a long walk with Allyson and Lizzy Kay, walking down to their NEW HOUSE in our neighborhood! We are so thrilled to have the Sabins join us in Larchmont so we can enjoy more of their company and our kids can be best buds as well. Allyson has been such a great resource for me since her daughter is 12 months. It's great to seek advice from friends who have been there just a few months before us and to give us new things to try when our strategies just aren't working for little J.  
Jonathan was on a week of night shifts which is always hard. It's gotten much easier to take care of J for a whole day and night by myself but it's just lonely around the house and I miss JB.  It is great however, that Jackson recognizes his dad and lights up when Jonathan wakes up or comes home from work during our breakfast time.  They enjoy playing the drums together, watching TV and going running. Jackson loves running with dad because he goes so much faster than I do! Our poor running jogger has suffered its second flat in its short life. I knew I couldn't be THAT tired and out of shape on my last run...boy was it hard to run three miles to get home with a flat tire :(

We have enjoyed a lot of time in the pool, both at Sofi's house and also in our mini blow up pool in the backyard. Jackson enjoys the pool for a good 10+ minutes before he is trying to get out of it to grab the grass and twigs.  I can toss the ball to Lincoln so he feels like part of the action too (he also thinks the pool is the world's biggest water bowl for him). The other night, Jackson got his bath in the pool; might as well strip him down and suds him up while he's already wet! 
Here is Jackson on his first 4th of July! Cousin Riley was concerned that he was not wearing red on his first Valentines day, so we have made sure that he is appropriately dressed for each holiday! :) 
Jackson is all over the house now. He wants to climb the stairs (good thing we moved that baby gate to the bottom), bang on the front door, swing from the blinds on the back door and cruise around the coffee table.  Thankfully, he still enjoys his jumper toy so we can have a few minutes of hand-free time. THe other morning when I left for work, he crawled to the front door, pulled himself up and 'waved' good-bye to me. It's going to make leaving for work much harder now.  He has developed a small case of separation anxiety and prefers to be with me a majority of the day, however he still loves JB, friends and grandparents and is completely ok with being dropped off in the church nursery. We are savoring the moments without stranger danger and hoping that he only has a mild case or avoids it completely :) 

And here is Jackson's new favorite position, standing up in his crib facing the door hollering to be let out of his 'prison'. He actually wasn't crying in this shot (although he usually is), but has tired eyes that weren't ready for the light to be turned on. Mr. Social has started to wake up for good at 5am this week so we have enjoyed a few early morning walks and a Veggie Tales video or two while I struggle to wake up!

The end :)

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