Sunday, July 22, 2012

9 months

Jackson's new favorite toy, a tooth brush

Lil' J,
You are such a joy to us! We can't believe you are 9 months old already. It seems like just yesterday when we first held you in our arms and now you spend the whole day trying to crawl out of our arms and around the house!  You have really developed a sense of humor lately and love to be tickled. I love your throaty laugh and how it shows off your 5 teeth!  You have done so well with teething and we hope it continues when your molars come in :)  You are still our curious baby and love to solve problems, like how to get one from one piece of furniture to the next if you can't quite stand unsupported yet.  You stay awake on walks and love to take in your surroundings, especially new noises in the neighborhood.  Pretty soon you'll be really interested in the fire trucks and I'm sure we'll spend many saturday mornings watching them clean the ladders.  Lincoln is still your best bud and we love to see your face light up when you see him enter the room. If he could, I think he would sleep next to your crib each night.  We think you are going to be a crazy climber, as you have already tried to climb the stairs and bookcases; you empty your toys out in front of the couch to build steps to help you get up but haven't quite mastered it yet, thank goodness! Dad and I are going to have to get a tent to cover your crib so you can't escape every night!

You are still a pretty great sleeper, going to bed at 6pm (or earlier if you miss an afternoon nap!) and waking again at 6am (with a 4am feeding sesh that we haven't tried to drop yet).  REmember when you used to freak out when you rolled onto your belly and we spent all night going into your room to flip you back over? Well, now when we lay you down at night, you roll right over either onto your side or your stomach, where you remain all night, butt lifted and paci in.

All the solid food you enjoy now is helping you to be a healthy, strong little guy. You are weighing in at 20lbs, 11oz and 28.5 inches, which continues to put you in the 65% range. It's time, yet again, for another wardrobe change as all of your current clothes are starting to get pretty darn short. Shoes are still not part of your daily outfit but we'll be getting you a pair of crocks to wear to the water area at the Botanical Gardens.

You are such a sweet boy and we are so blessed that God has given you to us to care for on this earth.  We love you little Jackson.

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