Thursday, July 12, 2012


We love our summer babysitter, Amber, who is married to Jonathan, a co-worker of JB's. We have gotten to know them over the past two years and were so glad that she could take care of our precious boy this summer when Liz was busy with school.  Some days are very long so she brings her sweet dog, Miley, with her to our house. I've heard that Miley and Lincoln are really over each other so that leaves Miley open for all of Jackson's attention!  

Matt and Chase posted their photos from the wedding and I thought this one was too cute not to share. Their wedding was prefect, down to every last touch. It was an amazing representation of them, their joyful spirits and uplifting personalities. We are so grateful for Matt, the brother, brother-in-law and Uncle.

J is no longer the boy who likes to demolish every tower in sight! Now, he can take one block off the top to eat it. He almost stacked a block on top the other day too! Our little engineer, taking after both granddads.  Don't be fooled by the calm dog sitting on the hardwood floor in the background. He is normally on the carpet (against his training) trying to lick me, the camera or Jackson.  But, we love him :)
Jackson and I went to the beach on Monday for our first trip with just the two of us. We had a great 35 minutes there, enjoying the awesome waves as the storm blew in, eating some sand and sitting in the cool ocean.  Then, I figured out what it was like to hold a sandy baby with one hand over a brick walkway, strip him down one-handed, hose him off with a very forceful spray, put him in a towel, and change a crazy mobile baby in the back of a car. WHEW! I may reconsider solo days at the beach!

On Tuesday night, Jonathan and I sat on the couch after coming home at 7:15, and we talked about how we miss seeing Jackson at night.  We are so glad that he is well rested and pleasant and some days were are glad for the break, but other nights we want to cuddle and play with him for 10 minutes and put him back to sleep. That would work, right? :)  Jackson, we are so grateful for you. You have changed our lives for the better and we love you little guy. 


  1. I always love reading your posts! Keep them coming! ps...we will join you on those beach trips just as soon as we can!

  2. fabulous! We would love your company! Eli is growing up more and more. Can't wait to see him (and you!) again