Friday, May 4, 2012

Green Peas

It has been an adventure in solid food land. There are so many books out there about how to do things that I am ignoring most of them and going with my gut. Sometimes that is going well and sometimes is going horribly! Jackson is a huge fan of oatmeal, sweet potatoes and rice cereal. Our doctor says that as long as Jackson is getting iron through the cereals, the rest is just practice.  He is doing well with a spoon and even opens his mouth to eat things now! He wanted to hold the spoon for this morning's oatmeal. Good thing I did not have to go to work in my nice clothes today

Last week, we tried green peas.  He was very excited at the thought of a new food...

But didn't think they tasted so great

 Here is Jackson excitedly eating sweet potatoes (well, I am not really sure who is more excited in this picture) with Granddad Byrne.

After another epic fail (squash), we are pressing on with avocados, bananas and apples in the near future.  

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