Monday, May 28, 2012

6 years

We got married?!

Yes, 6 years ago we tied the knot in Springfield, VA after several years of dating and a 13 month engagement. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes it feels like we've known each other forever. Jonathan is still my best friend and we continue to love how are are growing together more and more each year.
The afternoon of our anniversary our friends Clint and Sally came in from Richmond for a wedding in VA Beach. We were thrilled to see them and to finally meet their 15 month old daughter, Bellamy, in person. She is so sweet and very smart, entertaining us with her many new words!  Jackson and Bellamy played so well together. She taught him all about sharing and he tried to pull her hair :) She loved our toy boxes and pulled out each toy one by one. It's fun to see someone who is a few months older than Jackson and realize what we have to look forward to. We love where Jackson is now but are excited for what's to come (and now know that we have much more child-proofing to do!)

We got all dolled up for our anniversary because we never have a chance to look really nice now. I put on such a 'fancy' dress that our server though we were going to a wedding or something really big deal. Nope, just out for a night on the town.  We went to Empire on Granby, which is a tapas place that has a huge list of martinis and we enjoyed a "loudmouth martini" and a "french martini".  I am not one for taking pictures of food or drink but I have all these friends who blog about food and I've been inspired. Plus we never get frou-frou drinks like that and had to commemorate the experience.  We walked next door to Snappers, our favorite local fish place where Jonathan had fried oysters with grilled cajun tomatoes and I had crab cakes with hushpuppies.  It was so nice to enjoy each other's company over a nice dinner, not having to worry about Jackson grabbing all of the food and utensils.  

We forgot to take a picture of us while we were out so this was the best we could do :)

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