Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Strawberries and other adventures

Jackson here! My friend Ellie does her own posts and she is only 4 months old and a super good blogger so I thought I would try my hand at it too :)  Life as a 6.5 month old is super fun! I get packages from my aunts and uncles all the time! Uncle Matt and Aunt Chase sent me a cute polo shirt to match my swim trunks. It fits me perfectly. Cousin Riley sent me an awesome package the other night. I helped dad open it because it was wrapped really well. Riley made me a fishbowl with 8 swimming fish in it. They tasted great but mom took it away from me and hung it on my bedroom door so I can't eat the fish, but now we count them every time we walk into my room. They got me some cute outfits that are perfect for the has a shark on it! 
This is my best buddy, Lincoln. He is not supposed to come on the carpet but he usually does anyways. It's a good thing we have lots of blankets to cover the dirty, hairy carpet from where Lincoln lays on it when I'm not standing guard!  I really want to crawl so I can pet him more but I can't seem to coordinate my legs and arms. I think mom and dad are really glad that I stay in one place for now. They have been childproofing the house. Don't they know that I'll still find some trouble to get into? ;)
I had such a great time with mom, Chelle, and Val at the Ghent United Methodist Preschool Consignment sale a few months ago. Mom got me this super cute outfit. I don't really like shoes or socks but I wanted to make her happy and kept them on for the picture.  

On Friday morning, mom and dad took me all the way out to Pungo to go strawberry picking! I took an hour nap in the car on the way there so I was ready to pick some berries when we finally got there.  I loved hanging out with dad in the bjorn, walking up and down the rows looking for the best berries. I saw some horses for the first time and got my first bug bite also. It doesn't seem to hurt, it's just kinda red.

I was too quick for dad and managed to eat my first strawberry today! Mom caught me red handed.
I think my dad is pretty awesome. He has a deep voice that sounds really neat and I am mesmerized when he sings to me.  He makes up the silliest songs!  I hope I grow up to be like him!

Oh, and i've been kinda fussy lately and not going to sleep like I should. Well, it's because I got my first tooth today! It's on the bottom row and it is really neat.  I'm not giving mom a big toothy grin for pictures yet...but stay tuned for one! 

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