Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friends and Family

Well, it's been a while! Jackson and I are finally back in Norfolk after spending 6 days in Springfield with my parents. I took my Dry Needling review course and exam to finish my certification, which consisted of 5 days of class in Bethesda, MD. I left the house each day at 6:30am and returned at 7pm.  That meant lots of quality time for Pop Pop and Jackson! They spent the majority of the day together,  with some helpful assistance from Grandmom in the mornings and evenings.  Jackson met my piano teacher, Mrs. Murray who gave him his first piano lesson! He loved playing the bass keys with his feet.  Even though I missed seeing her, it means so much to me that she was able to meet him as she played such an important role in my life. I also realized that I truly am glad to be working part-time, not full-time. It was so difficult to be away from Jackson for so long.  

Mom and dad just got back from a week trip to Las Vegas for mom's work and they got Jackson a onesie that says, "My dad is my PAPArazi".  Instead, I think they should have gotten him a onesie that says, "What happens at Pop Pop's stays at Pop Pop's".  Jackson, who recently started eating solids, enjoyed his first tastes of a Chick-Fil-A Banana Pie milkshake and a Berry Smoothie from McD's.  He LOVED them. Guess he's going to have a sweet tooth like me :) Now that we are back at home I think Jackson is bored with me but I am sure that Grandmom and Pop Pop are trying to catch up on some sleep after a fun but exhausting week!  

Here are a few other happenings from the past weeks:

Jackson looks so cute in overalls that  Jonathan wore when he was 6 months old. Hard to believe that my handsome husband was that little 29.5 years ago! 

I got to take a long walk around the Norfolk Botanical Gardens with Laura when she was 39 weeks pregnant. She delivered her first baby, Brooke right after Mother's day. They are doing great and Jackson is excited to have yet another lady in his life!
Can't you just feel the excitement?
We went to Greekfest with Kaitlin and Ray, who are also expecting a baby as well! We are super excited about little baby Robb.  We enjoy gyros, calamari and a dessert that is basically dense doughnuts covered in honey. We really are responsible parents despite the beer and honey in close proximity to Jackson :) He desperately wanted both of them!
Here is Jackson rolling out his tight thigh muscles. Maybe we'll have a runner or physical therapist in our future?
And here is Jackson's bud Sofi. Val came over to take Jackson's pictures the other week for her own practice but what a treat for us! We got amazing pictures of Jackson (to share in another post) and the two kids got to play a little. After staring at each other they started to hold, and eat, hands.  

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