Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beach Baby

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in VA Beach, remembering those who serve our country and enjoying the fabulous weather. We got to visit with Jonathan's cousin Erin and her boyfriend Kevin, who are in from Mass after finishing school (graduation for Erin, entering 4th year for Kevin).  They are super busy and we were so lucky to catch them for a few days.  They bring so much laugher and excitement wherever they go! 

Jackson enjoyed his first two days at the beach, getting a few bites of sand, toes in the ocean and a few brief rays of sun. He was neither excited or mad to be at the beach, mostly curious. What an intense sensory textures, the loud roar of the ocean, seagulls, lots of people. We are excited to spend many more days at the ocean front. All are welcome to join us! We have a tent that could comfortably sit 6 adults or allow 4 adults to take a nap.  It looked like a quick pop-up beach tent on Amazon, so we were mislead by advertising and now have much more tent than we expected. A blessing, I guess? As long as I can set it up single-handedly.  

Kevin, Erin, Granddad and Grandmother Beth
Jackson has turned Beth and Matt into beach-goers!
Granddad lets Jackson get his toes in the ocean (it was pretty cold)
Day 1 of a life at the beach
Dad and Jackson
Jackson's and his bud Sofi enjoy the warm water in the baby pool

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