Monday, August 3, 2015

Rachel is 10 months

Hey everyone! I'm 10 months and figured I should check in with another blog post. I love to explore the house with my super-fast crawling skills. Mom and dad have learned to lock the baby gates and shut the laundry door or else I'll really be able to explore the whole home! I love doing baby squats, up and down, all day long and cruising next to the coffee table. I can stand by myself for a few seconds but I'm not really interested in doing that since it leaves me with no where to go and nothing fun to do. We have a push-toy and I will walk around the house with that a little bit. Again, crawling is so much faster and gets me what I want, right away! I will think about walking sometime soon. Oh, I also learned how to climb stairs this month ;) I think mom is excited for me to walk since she can dress me in cute dresses again! They are such a pain when I am trying to crawl places! 
I love being the only one in my family with super blonde hair! People get a kick out of it. It's getting longer and mom likes to pin my bangs back with a bow. It's about the only thing I will tolerate on my head.  Sometimes mom slathers sunblock on my head since i won't wear a heat! I am still rockin' two teeth on the bottom and there is no sign of any others coming along. I manage to eat anything placed in front of me, though! Recent favs include beans, beats, canned spinach (mom thinks this is disgusting and hates changing my diapers the next day!) and breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin' Donuts. BB babysits every Monday and brings the good stuff: Chocolate munchkins and egg sandwiches. I really like love eating so much that I flap my arms and start to make lots of noise until someone brings the food! I need a full wipe-down after each meal and there's usually still food left over in my hair and ears. Hehe
I hear that mom is going to wean me by the time I am 11 months which sounds like a plan to me. Ain't nobody got time to nurse when there is a crazy older brother to chase around the house! Therefore, mom and dad are letting me cry-it-out when I used to wake up at 5am. I've done pretty well so far, fussing for a few minutes and then falling back asleep until 6:30/7:30m. It was fun to see mom early in the morning, but the whole family is excited to get more sleep! I love napping twice a day for about 1.5 hours each time and then hitting my regular bedtime at 6pm!

My favorite things:
Listening to daddy sing
Watching Jackson do anything
Playing with mom's glasses/nose/neck
Going for runs in the stroller
Stealing Jackson's food
Playing in the pool, water table and bath
Drinking from a cup (I fling it up to my mouth with 1 hand and then chug away)
Listening to music
Playing with younger babies 
Here's my cute brother who likes to be part of all of my monthly photo shoots :) 
Thanks for reading! I'll see you all later! 

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