Monday, August 31, 2015

happy baby

Here's a few favorites from July, August (where did THAT month go?) and our amazingly happy baby

I never take road trips. I don't like driving and it's stressful to plan to pack and be away from home. But, it's also rare that Val and I have schedules that actually line up now that they are no longer in Norfolk. So, Rachel and I headed out for a girl's overnight trip to NC. She was a great traveler for the first 3 hours of the trip, eating, drinking water, napping a little bit and reading books. The last 30 minutes were not great but in the big scheme of crying babies, I won the lottery. 

We had an AMAZING time with the girls. Sofi and Lilli are so grown up! They moved away when L was just weeks old and now she's 2! We hit the pool, talked, played, went for a long walk (Raleigh has amazing spots to run...I had runner envy!), ate delicious home-cooked meals by Val and thoroughly enjoyed each others' company. I'm so thankful for our time together in Norfolk when we were learning how to be mothers (we are still learning!) and the fact that we can easily pick up where we left off. Hugs to you girls. Thank you for your lovely hospitality and such a relaxing weekend!

This was Rachel, the first time she stood up on her own in the middle of the floor without anything to pull up on. And the first thing she did once she stood up was pick her nose. 
I went for my first 10 mile run in preparation for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on September 6th. This will be my 7th 1/2 with Team Hoyt and I'm so privileged to run with this amazing team! If you would like to sponsor me in this race and give to the team, please see my link for donations
This girl loves to eat. She inhales food of all types. I still have not found a food she won't eat. Any ideas? She eats more than Jackson most days and then always acts hungry. In fact, this week she learned a new word, "Nak" (aka Snack). 
Speaking of being hungry all the time, she now even wants to lick what is on the dishes in the dishwasher. She and Link make a great pre-washing team! 

Favorite toys: anything that can be used as a phone. She talks All.The.Time.
"Oh My!"
There is something about these feet. She's like a little lady. Still chubby in all the best ways...ankle and wrist creases with a great belly. 
Grandmom and J before Rachel's baptism a few months ago. 

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