Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Shenanigans!

JB's birthday is 8-8, mine is 8-20 which makes for a busy but fun month! This year we grilled pork chops for the grandparents and enjoyed a gorgeous day together! Rachel rocked some lovely leg warmers and the kids had many grandparent hugs and kisses!

Then it was the 5th annual BBBBBBBBB (Byrnes and Ben Birthday Beach Bash BBQ Brats Burgers and Beer). Something like that. We enjoyed a smaller group this year (as the kids are starting to outnumber the adults), a gorgeous beach day, thrilling rounds of spike ball and delicious smoked ribs.   Thank you to everyone for the cards and well-wishes for our birthdays. We are thankful for another year!

 Finally, it was such a treat to see my cousins, Chris and Stacie, Amanda and their kiddos at the zoo. They had a week in Sandbridge and we were finally able to see each other, which is very hard with the kids and the distance between us (PA and CT). Many of our kids met for the first time ever. Jackson loved leading them around the zoo and the Rachel and the older girls all had a mutual love for each other. Plus Kennedy and Zoe wanted to push the stroller for me. Win win! Hugs and kisses! 

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