Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Visit with Riley and Piper

We had a fabulous visit with Aunt Karen, Riley and Piper this past weekend in Springfield. We roughly split the distance between our homes and end up at mom and dad's, and they cook and care for us :) Win Win! J adores Riley and it was fun to get them together again. Plus this year Piper was old enough to keep up and the three of them played fairly well all weekend. 
 We set out for Frying Pan Park to see the animals and there was a 4H fair that day. Riley was ecstatic and I was a little nervous. I am a control-freak who likes to know exactly what is going to happen when my day starts out each morning. I was not ready for a fair, but we had 3 adults for our 4 kids, strollers and enough money for parking and ride tickets (JB had raided my wallet but no worries because Grandmom was there to pay of course!). 
 The kids had a blast on all the farm equipment, petting a horse and watching the pigs. Then, we rode a few rides and ate a sno cone (Jackson's first), which always makes it a great day! I was also able to practice some photography in a harsh mid-day sun setting. Rachel gets all of her hand-me-downs from Riley and Piper, so you can see why she's such a well-dressed gal! 
Look at Piper's curls. Aren't they just adorable??

my, how time flies (2015 vs 2013)

Jackson and I were bed buddies since it was such a full house. It was a rough 2 nights of sleep! This boy is like a helicopter blade all night, spinning in every possible direction. At one point I woke up to two feet about to kick me in the nose. A few hours later, his head was wedged in my armpit and I almost elbowed him in the face when I turned over. He pushed me so far out of the bed that I had to sleep laying on my side, arms up like I was diving into the pool :) But, it was fun to see my little guy sleeping and gave me a renewed joy for motherhood in this weary season. 
I don't have many pictures of Rachel with her grandparents because I'm usually either attending to Jackson, watching them interact or resting/sleeping/passed out with exhaustion somewhere. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back without a camera and watch the moment in real life, not from behind a lens. Rachel just adores all of her grandparents and truly recognizes them, which is so exciting!  
These two....I love watching them become buddies and hope that they can be friends in addition to brother and sister. 
By the end of the weekend, Riley and Jackson were like brother and sister. Loving on each other and stealing each other's toys. She was so good with him and was the one to compromise and be the bigger person. We're thankful for Aunt Karen and her sweet, funny, kind children. 

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