Friday, March 30, 2012

What we've been up to!

Here are some musings on our recent weeks...
Jackson is starting to get his hair back which means he is losing his mullet and mohawk. Bummer ;)
When you are married to an ED physician, every day looks a little different and there is no such thing as the weekend. So, the other Monday morning we treated it like a Saturday and had a family hang out in bed. It's so special to be able to spend this time together since it is hard to get during residency.
We have enjoyed a wide spectrum of weather in Norfolk this "winter" but in general the temps have been amazing for Jackson's first few months. We have made it outside to run or walk every day and not had to bundle him up too much. But, it means he barely got any use out of the super cute North Face snow suit that Katy bought him. Maybe we'll have a colder winter for baby #2 in the future.

We have been on plenty of walks with friends and are now starting to have play dates together since the kids enjoy toys and looking at each other. We went over to Mary and Ellie's house for a latte (delicious!) and play time. Jackson loved her walker so much that he christened it with spit up...sorry!! 

In the short moments when Jackson is napping (still no longer than 40 minutes in a stretch!) I have made it out into the garden to tend to our unruly rose bush and clematis. Thanks to advice from mom it should look great this year! We have also been surprised by bulbs that are popping out of nowhere! They must have been dormant last spring because we had a bush removed from this spot and tulips bloomed a few weeks ago.

EDIT: As my mom gently reminded me after reading the post on Friday, SHE planted the bulbs when she and dad came to visit Jackson the first week he was born. Oops. I completely forgot that she was out there, having just broken her wrist the last time she gardened at my house, lovingly planting each bulb for us to enjoy this spring. Now I appreciate my bulbs even more :)
Finally, Jonathan and I are enjoying the fact that Jackson goes to bed every night in the 6:00 hour and sleeps until his next feeding around 4:30am. We had dinner (homemade tortilla soup, yum!) with AJ and Laura at their house and went home to enjoy some beers and watch old compilations of SNL. We just laughed and laughed on the couch for hours and were able to forget some of the stresses of new parenthood and enjoy being together. 

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