Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our week

It was a great week in the Byrne household. It's amazing how every day can bring a completely new skill for Jackson. I had been asking friends for advice on how to get him to nap longer than 45 minutes. We were talking a lot about sleep cycles and maybe "Ferberizing" him during nap time in addition to at night. Well, I tried it out during our play date last week and both friends looked at me and said, "That's kinda a bad might want to go get him". He freaks out after 45 minutes in the crib (which is only about 30 minutes of sleeping since he cries at the start of most naps).

I had a friend, Allyson, and her 7.5 month daughter Lizzy Kay over the other morning for breakfast. I put him in the crib at 8:10 and he cried until 8:20 after which A and LK arrived and I asked her for advice about sleeping longer than 45 minutes, expecting to hear him at any moment.  Lo and behold, Jackson proceeded to sleep until 11:45!!! WHAT? I LOVE it.  Our little boy is growing up.  That being said, he has not taken a long nap since then but at least we know he is capable of it!

He is also cooing, which just suddenly showed up on Friday morning. It is fun to listen to him learn how to make new noises.  He loved talking to the Byrne grandparents this weekend when we spent the night there.  

We went out to Red Dog after Jonathan's intern exam for his second year of residency. Jackson has been bar hopping (well, not that we are really bar people, but you know....going out for dinner and drinks) since he was an infant so we might as well keep up the tradition!!  I showed up with him in the Bjorn and he was the hit of the party. He was stingy with his smiles, though. Maybe he was overwhelmed with all the new people smiling at him and didn't know what to do!  At the end of the afternoon, he curled up in Sarah's arms and got all snuggly. Sweet baby.
Jonathan and I also had the chance to go on a date on Friday! We received a Groupon for a coffee tasting for 2 from a friend who was unable to use it.  We dropped Jackson off with Allyson and walked to the coffee shop near McArthur Mall.  Whereas the coffee tasting smelling was somewhat of a disappointment,  we really enjoyed each other's company.
Our first babysitter outside the home, Allyson, cuddling with Jackson when we got back from our date.
 Finally, Jackson discovered his feet this week which means he always has a toy with him (and it makes diaper changing much harder!)

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