Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 5 month birthday, Jackson (technically it's one day early but I work tomorrow and can't do our monthly photo shoot...he'll never know the difference).  This is what's going on in his world:

He is sleeping like a champ at night (10-12 hours) 
Still loves to eat and can't wait to get his mouth on some solid food really soon
Weighing in at over 17#
Lincoln is his new best friend
He loves to go on walks
Thinks his toes are the most delicious thing ever
Loves to talk to himself in his crib when he wakes up
Might be growing out of his reflux
Hakuna Matata is his new jam
Loves to stand with assist from mom
Thinks his dad's singing voice is the best sound
Mouths anything he can get his little hands on
Has blowout diapers just about once a day 
Enjoys time with all of his grandparents

naked baby, first day of spring! 
with his weasel from Ila Byrd

Loves his feet
so happy...

yet so serious and thoughtful. We love our boy


  1. Smiling baby - happiest when naked - just like his Mom was.

  2. We will dramatically cut down on laundry this summer when all he will wear is a swim suit and a diaper. This is one hot baby!!