Sunday, March 18, 2012

A ShamROCKIN' good weekend

What a great first St. Patrick's day! We started off with a walk around the neighborhood to calm the crazy beast (Lincoln, that is!). Then we loaded up into the car for a weekend in Virginia Beach. First stop was to see my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. (Troy) Adgate who was in town for her son's soccer tournament. I got to meet her sweet kids, see her husband again and catch up with her. Can you believe that I was her daughter's age when she taught me and now have a son?  Time flies. How great to maintain ties from the Bush Hill days. 
Mrs. Adgate and Sofi meet Jackson
Then, off to VA Beach for Shamrock Marathon Weekend! Jackson and I have had a blast training with friends: Diane, Val and Sofi, Anna, Christy and Eli, Kaitlin, Blair...thanks to all my wonderful training buddies! Our BOB has logged hundreds of miles already and is still going strong.  It was such a blessing to be able to be so active during the pregnancy (and i'm sure it helped make labor go smoothly) and so soon after.  Running is a my therapy...quiet time to think, watch Jackson, enjoy nature and God's creation and most of all hang out and get to know new friends.

I met up with Val and Anna to head to the 1/2 marathon. This was Val's 3rd, Anna's First (woo hoo!!!) and my 2nd. Weather was perfect, in the high 50's. Everything about the Shamrock makes for a great race day....good support, good weather and a flat course. It was super strange to not run with Jackson, though, after pushing a jogger for every single run since he was born.  We had a great time running and everyone did so well in the race! Must be the luck 'o the babies!

Val, Anna and me before heading out to the race! 
Matt Byrne (or should I call him Granddad Byrne) made me a great sign that I saw around mile said, "Go Jackson's Mom". Love it :) It was strange to do a race with a baby. Last night I went to sleep at 7:30pm which was a good thing because he was up at 2:30 ready to eat. Then fed him again at 5:30 and got ready for the race. He slept through the start of the race but I got to see him on the return trip. They swore he was happy all state otherwise, at least for that brief moment when I showed up! I think the hardest thing about doing a race with a baby is having to take care of him later on that day. I got home and wanted to be a worthless bum but Jackson wanted some serious attention. So, he's finally in bed (at 6:30pm) and I'm not far behind! Thank goodness I only have 1/2 marathon legs and not marathon legs or I don't know that I would have been able to carry him up the stairs tonight. Blair, how do you do it!?
Not sure he likes this racing thing...better get used to it baby! :) 

Sitting in the sun room at Grandparents house! Loved watching the runners pass by
 And, Jackson wore green all St. Patrick's weekend. This is especially for cousin Riley who was appalled when jackson was not wearing red on Valentine's day ( bad).

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  1. Glad you had a good time racing, Sweety. See you soon, I hope.
    Love, Dad/PopPop