Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Feel the love

Here are some things we love:

The kids. How they love each other. When they snuggle and hug. The zoo. 

Rachel barefoot in skits. Doing balance beam climbing on every curb and ledge we can find. Church playground. Bright colors of summer. 
Goodbye hugs for daddy before he leaves for work. Giving him hug after hug after hug and then furiously waving bye bye. 
Date night. Conversation and laughter. 10 year anniversary next month. Bardo on 21st. 
Cass: co-worker, babysitter, friend and playmate for the kids. She gave us freshly-picked asparagus while JB was in India (I gobbled that right up), homemade cookies and fresh strawberry jam. She loves my kids and is such a good friend. 
Pony tails. Pig tails. Blonde hair blowing in the wind. 
Alexis. We were so sad when liz moved but Alexis is awesome and the kids love her. Rachel adores hugging her and J even gave her a hug last week too, which is HUGE! 
Being outside, Soccer. Long shorts and tall socks. Friends from school. Running. Being outside. Farmer tans. Birds. Breezes. 
Deep squat. Pig tails. Blonde hair, Head Tilt. 
Best friends. School. Ms Becca. Holiday crafts. Icing. 

Siblings. Buddies. Smiles. Laughter. Kindness. Protective big brother. Adoring little sister. 
This girl. Into everything, none of it being toys. 

Family days. Skinny Dip fro yo. Zoo afternoons. Time together.
Daddy. Porch swing. Cool afternoons. Sunshine. These two together. 

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