Wednesday, April 27, 2016

VA Beach and Grandparents

Hi, from our fun-loving, wacky daughter and our talkative 4yo boy.
Aunt Dwyn and Uncle Kenny stopped through VA beach on their tour of the east coast and we had a blast visiting with them! It took rachel about 5 minutes to warm up and then she and Aunt Dwyn were best buddies, snuggling and laughing the whole time. 

Beth hosted a lovely Easter lunch which we pushed back to dinner time so JB could make it this year! Good conversation, good food and party hats :)
J and Grandad were in charge of the trifle and they did an excellent job of layering, smoothing and perfecting the dessert. Jackson also got an A+ in spoon-licking when they were finished. Doesn't he look so handsome in the button-up shirt? Yes...that was an epic battle between the two of us on Easter morning. We struggle to get him to wear anything except "soft shorts" and ratty t-shirts. 

sneaky card face
The long day ended with Rachel running around, diaper sagging in her bloomers and tights, both of the kids binging on chocolate and apple pie. Doesn't she look like the copper tone baby? 
We went to Busch Gardens with BB and Grandad on the first day of the season! It was slightly chilly but we had a blast. The FestHaus, normally a great place to cool down felt more like a ski lodge where everyone went to warm up. We all had a blast on the bumper cars and both of them loved Land of the Dragons. We pretty much go to BG to play at the play ground and drink beer. Worth the drive. And there were about 100 people total in the park. It was amazing. 

Time at BB and Grandad's is so fun that sometimes Rachel just can't handle it anymore and she goes face down in the tupperware to rest ;) 

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