Thursday, May 26, 2016


ya'll. I am obsessed with this girl. Pigtails. Skirts. Cheeks. Smiles. Don't get me wrong, she is a tough one! She knows what she wants and doesn't stop until she gets it. But, she is so much fun. She stands on things and launches herself onto my back like a horseback rider (on steroids). She hangs from anything she an grab. She loves bubbles, laughing, tickling, books, hitting people lovingly in the face, sprinklers, food, water bottles, sleeping at night, the beach, grandparents, her dad, her brother, Lincoln. She's talking a TON and will repeat anything we say, pretty clearly most of the time. 
She has the cutest way of saying "ow" when she is hurt. She adores the garbage truck and calls it "Dad Dad (?)". She's got her brother's love for airplanes ("Air-Tra").
She gives the best kisses and makes a mean fishy face. Her hands and feet are still pudgy. She loves to go potty (!!) and lets us know when she needs to go. Playing in baths is great, getting washed is not. She loves to sing in the car and dance anywhere. She likes to accessorize with crocs, hats and jewelry. High 5's are her jam. Favorite Phrases: "Ready, Set, GOO!" and "No". She recognizes the ABCs and tries to sing along (not very well) and likes to "count" to 3. She's got an attachment, but not obsession with, her baby doll and blanket. She loves to hurl things out of our running jogger. 
 This girl adores her daddy and they are 2 peas in a pod. Each morning she wakes up and her first word is "Dada??" She's buddies with Jackson which means nice sometimes and mean others.  Favorite Books: Tickle Time; Dancing Feet; anything with rhythm. Favorite animal: Bird. Doesn't like TV, at all.  Has stopped putting things in her mouth all the time. Loves to be held by mom. Loves FaceTime. Favorite toys: Keys. Water bottles. Shopping cart. Favorite pass time: being outside all day long. 

Bye everyone!

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