Sunday, June 14, 2015

Water Babies

We had a fabulous few days with Jonathan's cousin, Erin, and her husband, Kevin, when they came to VA beach for a long weekend. The last time they were here, J was the same age as Rachel is now. Rachel and Erin became fast friends and Jackson was completely head over heels with Kevin. They played non-stop with him, baseball, running, beach construction projects and tickling! Thanks for visiting. We love you!

Rachel is the queen of food and will eat anything in sight! She can pack away cheese and avocado and her new favorite food is green peas (win!). Until this week, she was just pretty content to sit and watch things while smiling. She had no desire to move much, aside from her cute side-sitting rotated positions which she would use to slowly move a small distance. 
This week, however, she is All.Over.The.Place. She can crawl forward, pull to kneeling and pull to stand. Yesterday she took 2 small steps to cruise along the couch and bang on a box. Seeing as she loves to put everything in her mouth, we have a feeling this phase is going to be MUCH harder than it was with Jackson! 
The sprinkler is going to be our lifesaver this summer. It requires very little effort and we can invite the neighborhood kids over to play, allowing for some group parenting or a break for a few of us while the other ladies watch the kids. The other afternoon, the compound kids played through an entire water barrel full of water: buckets, squirt guns and water frisbees were the main event. 

We are so blessed, as I say all the time, to have amazing neighbors who we adore but also whose children play so well together. C and C, and L and K are significantly older than Jackson but they are great friends and we just couldn't be more thankful for having them around! 
Just for fun, I printed out one of those silly Facebook things that had 23 questions to ask your kids. Here are some of our favorite answers from Jackson:

What is something mom aways says to you: Jackson, please may you clean
What makes mom happy: When I say I love you
How old is your mom: 5 + 2 (thanks, buddy!)
How tall is your mom: (holds up 2 fingers)
What is her favorite thing to do: play, eat, read books
What does your mom do when you're not around: Cry (hahaha)
What does your mom do for a job: Work. I don't know. Tell me. 
How are you and your mom the same: We are not the same because we have different hair

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