Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June happenings

Here's a little of what we've been up to in June! 

I never win things. But, I won something through Instagram the other day! My friend, Ali, started making knots and is so talented that she sells them at West Elm in VA Beach. She offered a give-away on IG and I tagged my friend Mary, which won us both a doorstop knot! I had been looking for a nice solution to my pantry door always swinging closed when I need to bring up multiple items for dinner or a large load of laundry. I love my knot and hope some of you also decide that one might look good in your home too! She makes decorative ones for book shelves and cute little keychains (at Kitch) also.

We've really enjoyed Busch Gardens and Water Country for the last few weeks. Jackson rode his first roller coaster, several times in a row. He loves water slides and the wave pool. I made the mistake of taking him into 5 foot water (he kept asking and asking!) which became closer to 6 foot water. He had a life jacket on and was totally safe but would get pummeled by a wave and have trouble recovering because he would just continue to get pummeled by each successive wave. Having treaded water in the waves for 6 minutes, I grew increasingly tired and at one point had to do a life-saving side stroke to carry us both into water where I could stand the whole time. Those warning signs in the wave pool about getting tired in deep water...yeah, they are true ;) 

Jackson wanted to go to the opening of a new wall at The Corner Gallery in Norfolk, prior home of my gorgeous painting, "Blush". Jonathan was starting nights and needed a little time to himself so I took J as my date. Turns out he thought we were going to do some painting, not look at paintings. But despite his disappointment, he got to eat some cheese and see a painting of a cow, so he had a great night. I got to meet Stacy Reese, the artist who did my painting and to enjoy more of her new work that night as well.

J's favorite songs of the moment: "Happy" and "Come Get it Bae" by Pharrell. He loves a reference to a motorcycle in the second song. I love to sing along and J requested that I stop singing. Then, I started to lip synch and he requested that I stop lip synching. Sad days. He will, however, still let us have a dance party in the kitchen each morning after our run. This is one of the best moments of my day.
Having a kid makes you realize what phrases you say all the time. jackson now says:
Hey Guys!!
Aw, Man!

Rachel just continues to get cuter. She has 2 big teeth, loves playing with doors and is THIS EXCITED every time she takes a bath. She has never seen a food she doesn't like. Stay tuned for her 9 month post coming up tomorrow or whenever I can find a moment that I am rested enough to write. 
We have had lots of grandparent time, building train sets, going to Tides games, playing at the playground. The kids just love their grandparents and we love having help and lots of hugs from them! School ended on May 22nd (very early....) but we've been busy in Springfield prior to and following our trip, at the beach, in the sprinkler and at the zoo. We're looking forward to 2 LUMP camps for Jackson, swimming lessons, me going back to work next week and maybe little time to rest in between all the summer fun! 

(this was totally 1 month ago...since then, she will no longer tolerate this exersaucer, preferring to crawl or cruise around the house now!)

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