Monday, June 1, 2015

rachel is 8 months old!

Hey friends! I thought I would check back in now that I am 8 months old. I can't believe that I'm so old already. I'll be ready to drive soon! This month has been pretty fun. I really love to sit and I've started to move a lot more. I really love sitting in this cute side-sitting position. Mom thinks I look precious and keeps taking pictures of me. I sit just like she does. I love to pivot on my booty and come in and out of a pre-crawling position to get toys that are just out of my reach.  

I just learned how to sit up on my own last weekend in the pack-n-play at midnight at BB and Grandad's. Mom wasn't sure what was going on because I was crying for help. I think I was a little scared to be sitting up and no one had put me that way. Now, I do it all the time in the crib but I only get scared when I sit up during naps.  I really like doing planks and rocking back like I'm going to crawl. My parents are so funny. They keep looking at me like I'm going to crawl any day now but I will just keep them waiting!  In the meantime they keep bribing me with cheerios to crawl, hehe ;) 

 My hemangiomas are much flatter and less noticeable now too. The one on my lip is so faint that mom barely notices it. i'm glad that it didn't ulcerate and cause me to have trouble eating. The others should be gone in the next few years and in the meantime my hair is growing really quickly and should cover them soon. 

 I'm still rocking the blonde hair and dad gave me my first haircut 2 weeks ago at the beach house. It does feel much better not to have hair in my eyes anymore. I have TWO big teeth on the bottom and now I drool All.The.Time. Just like my brother, but not quite to the extent that he did. I do have to wear a drool bib every day now. I'm very content to sit but I'm starting to explore more. I like banging blocks, reading eating books ,playing with anything that Jackson has and listening to music. My favorite parts of the day are when Jackson sings to me and when mommy has a dance party by herself in the living room.  She's silly.  

 I like to sit outside on a blanket each afternoon while the big kids play. They always want to play with me, feed me cheerios and pick me up. I don't really mind it.  And speaking of cheerios, I love food. love it. "Food" and "eat" are the first two words I recognize and I start to pump my arms and bounce when mom says them. I love everything except for yellow squash. I've  branched out into eating mozzarella, egg yolks, salmon, pork, chicken, and beans. I really like mexican food! My favorite part of the meal is trying to pry the finger from my parent's grip at the end of the meal and splattering food all over my face and the rest of the house.  

 I'm down to two naps a day, usually around 9 and 1 and I think that makes mom really happy to be on a schedule. She is going to back to work part-time in July and seems to be getting life streamlined around the house. I really like having two naps and usually sleep about 1.5-2 hours most of the time. I'm a belly sleeper, butt up in the air just like Jackson. At night, I go to bed at 6pm and have finally started to sleep until about 5:30 when mom feeds me and I go back to bed until about 7/7:30. Then, we go for a morning run and play. I like playing with Jackson. He is very sweet to me and wants to climb in my crib each morning to snuggle. Then, he hugs me all day (and also throws toys at me!) and calls me pretty girl. I think he is the best big brother ever. 

Mom took me on my first bike ride the other morning. I kept trying to pry the helmet off my head for the first 5 minutes but then I think I settled in. I might enjoy this. I like my jumper, playing with friends at church, feeling the wind on my face, eating everything in sight and petting Lincoln. I like listening to daddy play instruments and sing. I can even recognize his voice when we are listening to his album.  
I love my grandparents, especially when I can talk to them on FaceTime. The light of the phone is pretty awesome. I can recognize their faces on the picture on the wall and like looking at it during meal times. They are all pretty great.  I'm still dressing in super cute clothes from Riley and Piper and could wear a new outfit combination every day if mom was that creative. I like wearing dresses and bloomers now that it's nice outside.

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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