Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day

Life has been way too busy to sit at the computer and blog recently! Jackson is moving faster every day and we are struggling to keep up with him! We thought that he was going to work off his belly, but there is no sign of that just yet. We had a great Sunday celebrating Mother's Day and BB's birthday several days before. Beth cooked up a stunning brunch, as always, and we enjoyed good company with Lou and the Speasmaker parents.  I'm saving my Mother's Day gift, a pedicure, for after the Tough Mudder next month when my feet will really need some TLC. 
Front porch sittin'....watching motorcycles go by

Our little family

J loves giving high-fives but we have yet to convince him to give them to strangers or acquaintances.  He currently just stares long and hard at strangers, not in fear but in curiosity. 
Happy belated Mother's Day to you all!

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