Friday, May 3, 2013

Hatteras in the Spring

We are so grateful to have wonderful friends who happen to have an amazing beach house in Rodanthe, NC. We were able to visit again in April for a relaxing get-away with just the three of us.  It's amazing to see how things have changed over the years. 
The first year we stayed in Buxton in a pet-friendly hotel, visited lighthouses, lay on the beach for 8 hours and ate at Orange Blossom Cafe every morning. We had an amazing 4 course dinner for our anniversary as well. Yum. 

Lincoln got so much attention back then...

We enjoyed three (childless) Thanksgiving celebrations there, first with Kate, then with Ila, then Summer, Ilah, Jackson, Susannah and this coming year, Luke and Virginia and Hanger baby-to-be!  Thanks to the Doziers for contributing a boy to this whole thing!

The next year we had our baby-moon when I was 5 months pregnant. 
preggo kayaking in 17mph winds....yeah, that was fun :)

We went down for the 4th annual Friends-giving with a 1 month old Jackson...
kitchen clean-up duty

 ...this past October with both sets of parents for J's 1st birthday celebration...
...and finally in November for the 5th annual Friends-giving
J and Susu
We love this house and everything about the area. The calmness of the sound, listening to the powerful ocean waves from the top deck. Enjoying a cup of coffee on a breezy morning and a beer while watching the sun set. Soaking in the sun, eating apple uglies, lounging around doing nothing. 

We took J man to see his first lighthouse and he went crazy over the big busses unloading tourists from up north! We went to watch the fishing boats come in and unload their catches on the dock. J touched a  tuna...ewwww. He splashed around in the sound, walked on the beach and played cars on the top deck for hours.  
Look! A huge bus!

impromptu splash in the sound

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