Sunday, May 26, 2013

Adventures outside the home

We go through spurts where we love to be SUPER busy outside the home. Sitting inside all day makes us go stir crazy and both J and I need some fresh air. We love the fact that it's finally nice outside and we can head out without jackets (well, aside from yesterday's 50 degree weather, what was that all about?!) Recently we just love to walk the neighborhood but sometimes but other days we throw in some scheduled activities to learn and play! 

We went to the Larchmont Elementary Carnival for the second year in a row.  
It's amazing what a year will do!!
We were hoping to see the fire engine again but this year we had to settle for a petting zoo and a train! J finally got the hang of petting the goats and desperately wanted to get into the cage with the chickens. 
We ate a big pretzel together and tried to eat a hotdog but he just at the bun. This kid doesn't know what he is missing...I am actually feeding him things like Mac N Cheese, hotdogs, and chicken nuggets and he refuses them. What kind of kid is he??! :)  I guess he's my carb-loving kid!
We took a brief nap and then walked over with Lael, Alex and Jordan to the ODU baseball game which was so much fun. He stood looking down upon the players in the dugout and watched about 30 seconds of the whole game (Just enough for me to get this shot which looks like he might have been engaged in the game). Most of the time we were down behind the 3rd base line looking at the equipment they use to groom the field. One of the employees even gave him a ball from one of the games! We ate a hotdog for dinner (again, he at the bun and I at the dog).  He then proved once again that his favorite artist is Stevie Wonder. Before he was born, he went wild when the opening act played a Stevie song at a concert and he continues to dance wildly to his music every time he hears it. I think that is so fascinating 
The Mazzio twins turned 4 and had another bounce house which was way more fun for Jackson to play in this year. Both J and I bounced around for a good hour, ate some picnic food, played in their new outdoor play house and fell right asleep after a fun-filled day.  Many of his neighborhood friends are 4 and 5 years old and it's so sweet to see how kind and gentle they are with him. 
We had a great morning doing Girls on the Run. It's an organization which teaches girls about self-esteem, teamwork, healthy eating and overall healthy living. With the lessons, they also train for a 5K. I got to be a running buddy for Clair, a 3rd grader. She was awesome to run with and it is so encouraging to know that there is a program out there to empower girls to be healthy in all aspects of life.  
Finally, we are on our second cycle of swimming lessons at the Y. Jackson is a little water baby and sure loves his speedo!!! Gotta show off that belly while you've got it, right? He has learned how to sit and wait (ha) on the edge of the pool and then get in safely, how to get out with a little help, how to blow bubbles (still learning that one), be comfortable on his back (not loving that just yet) and get his whole body wet. He really just loves to splash around in the shallow end and hide in lockers :) 

WHEW!!!!!! We need a big nap! 

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