Friday, February 15, 2013

When you are 15 months, it's time to go to your first cheer competition

When Jackson turned one, I got out of the habit of wrestling him into the chair to take his monthly picture. I thought we could set a goal to do some every 3 months for this coming year, so here are his 15 month shots! Next lesson to teach to look at the camera

My cousins Hana and Libby have lived in VA Beach for the past few years but we have had so much trouble finding time to get together. They just had a cheer competition at the TED across the street from our house in Norfolk, and of course we were there to 'cheer' them on. Jackson LOVED looking at  all the glitter, big hair and bows. He seemed to enjoy bouncing to the music and stared at the stage for each performance. Don't get any ideas about flirting with are way too young, too young :)
 The girls are SO talented and it was great to finally see them cheer in person. They can throw double back tuck roundoff spring flip things like no one else! 

Hana (left) and Libby between routines

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